You Won't be Able to Change your Eyes Unless you can Change your Energy...

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Looking into the eyes of the person in front of you, can you experience a different emotion than what you feel, do you think you can make him believe that you think differently?

"The eyes are the mirror of the heart." they say. They reflect what you think, what you feel. Your eyes are very sensitive, special and pure. While they allow you to see and interpret the world, they also do this according to the state of your inner world. If your energy is negative, your outlook will also be negative and pessimistic. If we have eyes that smile sincerely, our view of the world will be affected positively by 80%, we will have beautiful eyes.

So how do we have beautiful eyes?

In order to see with beautiful eyes, we must keep our energy high and travel towards positive energy. Positive energy comes with inner work. Change your energy, change your world.

Once you can't change your energy, you won't be able to change your eyes...

A little story:

Since the day she knew herself, the little girl had received great affection from her mother and believed that she was more beautiful than Snow White with the words she heard from him. According to that; She had a bright face and almond eyes. It was always a particle offspring.

But things have changed when the primary school started. Her friends were saying she wasn't pretty at all, she was even considered ugly.

The little girl didn't believe them at first because everyone was jealous of each other.

But in a few years he faced reality. His face, which his mother had compared to a cotton ball, had pockmarked skin. His eyes, which he called "almond", were cross-eyed. His body did not resemble a cypress.

So his mother had cheated on him and lied for years without hesitation.

The young girl's motherly love soon turned into hatred. Although She was of marriageable age, no one looked at her. Moreover, his eyes did not improve in spite of all treatment. When the young girl realized that she would be blinded by the secret talks of the doctors, she became distraught and could not stand the lies of her mother, who still loved her with expressions from her childhood years, and decided to leave the house. But her mother preceded her by saying that she had found a job in a distant place and sent the money she earned to a relative and asked her to take care of her daughter. The young girl disappeared after a while. He was alone with his dark world. By the way, she wasn't worried about her mother at all. Her mother was a liar, it would not have counted as a loss even if she had died. One day, doctors said they had found a suitable pair of eyes and operated on the girl.

But when she opened her eyes, she was afraid to see the same face again. But it was hard being blind, she. At least she wouldn't be a burden to anyone. When the young girl looked in the mirror at the end of the surgery, she screamed terribly. In front of him was a beauty of the world.

She was indeed a great girl, she was the she she saw. The facial imperfections had completely disappeared. His very arched nose was straightened, his prominent ears had returned to normal, and his weed-like hair was in waves. The young girl hugged the old doctor next to her with joy: “It is as if I was born again!” she said. "I have no ugliness left on my face, did you do the plastic surgery?" The old doctor: “We did not perform such an operation, my daughter!” she smiled.

We put on the eyes that your mother donated. You saw yourself through his eyes! ”

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