Who knows whose lives you touched without realizing it.

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Life offers us some possibilities, these possibilities are in front of our eyes, but it is not enough to just look and perceive. Who knows what opportunities came during the day and we did not see them.

We touch each other's lives… Maybe we are consciously or unconsciously touching each other's lives effectively on an occasion. Life always brings different faces before us. Each of us teaches each other something. Maybe one person teaches different people different things. We serve each other in some way.

We touch each other's lives… Knowingly or unknowingly, and we all leave permanent traces on each other. The more empathy we can have in our relationships, the more successful we will be. Caring about and valuing the opinions of the other person guides us in leaving good traces. We get so angry with people that we don't feel like empathizing. At this very moment, we must remember our truth that should be done in the first place, our truth; our own truth, our own character. What kind of person do I want to be in life? What traces do I want to leave? What do I really want to be? My color what do I want it to be? Think about the relationships you've had. Your heart has definitely been broken many times. Think about it, could you have broken someone's heart before? Could this be a return to us from a mistake we made? parts of z.But each ring determines its own color. The people we deceive, lie, talk behind, insult, show no love… it's all our interaction. We smeared them with our own colour. Maybe from his loveless, angry family, maybe from his lover who cut him out of his life like a piece of paper, maybe from anyone he had cheated, cheated, gossip about for a short time in his life.

Just as good things increase as they are shared, bad things increase as they are shared. After the injustices and lies, insecure, prejudiced people emerge.

Let's also think about good things. Let's think about a sweet word, for example, the smile we always give as an example, keeping one's word, appreciating, loving... Let's think about what all this will bring out. Let's think about what all of this will reveal. We should be fed with them and spread them around. When we communicate with someone, we should know that when we leave there, we leave the environment together, without messing up someone's life, we should leave him standing upright on his feet.

We all have hard times in life, times when we feel tired and exhausted. Think about who we get strength from in times like these. From your loved ones, your family, the people who love you, right? He needs people, people who he dwells in for a while and then leaves with the least damage to the heart he leaves.

We all touch each other's lives in some way. We don't need to go into each other's lives to touch it. Think about how it would be if a person who bumped into each other on the road as if nothing had happened, think about how disrespectful people are. This is the state you left that person. Then, there are people you leave alone in your most difficult times because you don't need them anymore; Here is a person who is insecure and whose love for people has decreased. Here is your child, whom you constantly beat up, right or wrong, here is a generation that mistreats its environment, its family and its own child.

Our hands are there to lend a helping hand, our feet are for visiting a patient, our eyes are there to see well, our brains are to think well and our hearts are to love. Let's use them in the most correct way.

We all touch each other's lives in some way. Maybe knowingly or unknowingly. I wish you to be one of the ones who do not change even if these things happen to you, and I wish you take a colorful ring from the person in front of you and put that ring on the neck of your loved ones and people who love you...♥

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