Whether big or small, screams are not to be taken lightly…

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2 years ago
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If you are brave; You can really fall in love, if not, you're just deceiving yourself.

You play games all your life, no matter who you come across...

Because if you don't have the courage, you'll never know what it's like to really fall in love...

What you see is as much as you know, what you experience is as much as you see...

Maybe one day you will gather all your courage and love someone and you are truly in love now...

This is where the difficulty begins.

Love wants courage; Because in the end, there is definitely pain, there are tears and if you are brave enough, you will fall in love despite all this, you really love, and then you will be buried in your endless loneliness...

You continue to love yourself inside, but you live only with yourself...

You love, you miss, you cry, you laugh… There is only you in this game now, there is no one else…

If there is no hope, it is a dungeon, if there is a challenge

Just search…

You are the devil, you are the angel

You are the prosecutor and you are the judge.

You're the lie, you're the truth

The choice is only in your hands,

The key is in your heart...

Listen to your heart and hear only the good

That voice hands you the key

It's the only way to get you out of there.

Gather your courage. Replace your fears with love.

Advance, come and evolve.

Put yourself at the center of your evolution.

Be in harmony with life.

Don't be dull, be fluid.

Most importantly, have a heart.

and a big heart.

Take one more step to smile with love.

The rest comes naturally.

There is a guru in everyone.

keeping the Buddha silent,

Returning ,who made the sky…

Who knows what it will do with you?

If you dare,

get out yourself...

And explore!

Maybe this is the action that will get you moving.

what am i doing

who am i with

what am i doing

I'm not looking for power, I'm looking for power.

I seek the wise, not the learned,

I'm looking for the truth, not the good

I'm not looking for you, I'm looking for myself.

I'm not looking for words, I'm looking for myself

I'm afraid to find what I'm looking for

I don't know if I have the courage

If you're ready to be an apprentice to become a master, I'm in...

If you're there to be a sapling flower, I'm in...

If you're ready to be a caterpillar to be a butterfly, I'm in...

If you want to be yourself I'm in

If you want to be mine I'm in

If you're brave enough to come out of your shell, I'm in.

If you're going to respond when I extend my hand, I'm in.

I'm always here..

If you have all these

One day you will see;

Neither you nor me...

 Whether human or tree, lives are not taken lightly...

Whether big or small, screams should not be taken lightly…

No matter how little or how much, hearts should not be taken lightly...

Don't underestimate anyone, it could be more than you think

Do not fall for this mistake.

Did you ignore and underestimate them?

Then there is a price…

Did you think there would be no penalty? How did you come to this conclusion?

This price is bigger than you can imagine,

It will be too heavy for you to lift...

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2 years ago
Topics: Live, Life, Story, Blog, Love, ...