When You Say Everything is Over, Hopes Come Alive Again

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2 years ago

Let's be aware today... Let's wake up now. Let's think a little bit. So what should we be aware of? What will we think?

Let me tell you; be aware of the pain you are experiencing now, you have experienced or will experience, or happiness, whatever you are feeling now...

We don't know what life will bring us day by day. We don't know. When we say it's all over, hopes come alive again. We get rid of our most impossible impossibilities. Tomorrow is always hopeful, always full of surprises. We live and taste what we have in life.

Life is full of ups and downs, just as everything has its opposite, there are two important things that are opposite in life… Happiness and unhappiness, bitter and sweet. Have you ever thought how much we would taste sweet if there were no bitterness? The fact that you knock the pins every time you throw the ball will make you enjoy the game how much will you enjoy the game? However, the fact that you can't be successful in every shot will trigger you more, get excited and make you enjoy the game... That happiness you get while the ball you throw is moving on the line will make you more successful in life. It can't even be compared to the taste of life that you try to be and constantly try and experience while trying. While bowling, we take care to choose the ball correctly, we choose a ball that we can hold properly with our palm, we try to hold the ball properly, we pay attention to our posture and even our steps, then we adjust our angle and throw the ball. …your choices, ey your deeds and what they bring to you..

How would you feel if every choice you make was correct, how would you feel about success? Think about it, even when you eat too many sweet things in a row, after a while you become unable to eat anything sweet and you feel the need to eat something salty. That's what life is like… What makes life so beautiful and enjoyable. It's not about being successful all the time and being happy all the time. Sadness, grief and pain; these are the feelings that add more value to everything opposite, that is, to the feelings you always want to be for you...

Failure as well as success in life,

Sorrow as happiness

sweet as bitter,

There will be as many wrongs as right so that that life can be truly experienced and lived properly...

Do not forget that even if your soul is scorched, even if death feels sweeter than living, even if you sink to the deepest level, with a little time and what you have done in that time, life will give you new chances, new hopes, new opportunities and the joy of living as if you were starting from scratch. It has a wisdom… As long as you see the wisdom in both pain and happiness…

I wish you to look at the world with awareness today and every day from now on...

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2 years ago