We should leave good memories as we continue our journey in life.

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We met our parents on the train we boarded when we were born. Back then, we thought they would always travel with us. However, at one of the stations, they would get off the train and leave us alone on our journey.

In time, others got on the train.

and they were important to us. Our brothers, our friends, our children, even the love of our life…

Many have descended, leaving a permanent void behind them.

The lack of some of them has been so unnoticeable that we have not even noticed the emptiness of their places..

This train journey is full of joy, sorrow, dreams, expectations, hellos and goodbyes. success here

To be in good relations with all passengers. We do our best for this. We have to do..


There is a conundrum that we all face

None of us know at which station we will get off.

This is why, to live in the best way,

We must love, forgive, reflect the best we are.

This place is very important.

because when we get off the train and leave our seats empty

We should leave good memories for those who will continue their journey on the train of life.

So I wish you a good journey on the train of life.

Give a lot of love, reap success!

Finally, thank you to each and every one of you for being a passenger on my train.

Oh, not forgetting!

I personally have no intention of getting off the train any time soon!

Nevertheless, I may have landed,

It was a pleasure traveling with you!

Glad you boarded!

There is nothing more important than living by accumulating a memory and happy memories in every passing moment. After losing everything, everyone, those moments remain. The only consolation of a whole life gone by is the memories you can collect with your fingers, that's all. If you don't have good memories, what would happen if the title deed of the world was on it? There is no point in having houses that we can't heat and sit in all day, or seats that we can't sit on and wear out. What will you do with what you bought with money after you don't have a scent to miss, a lap where you can leave all your burden when your arm is broken? One day, you may lose everything in an instant, and you will have moments of refuge. You're lucky if you can save it. If there are bad, unpleasant things in your life, you don't like things that remind you of them. Or if you've had things that make you happy, you like things that make you feel happy.

“My dream is to one day realize the talents each person has and take responsibility for their own happiness. Because nothing in life is more important than fulfilling childhood dreams.”


Life is all about learning to walk, after starting to walk, getting tired in a relentless race to take a step until your feet get tired is on every line that comes your way. in any direction.. – Meo

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