This is your life not anyone else's…Remember!You are unique and special…

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Why do people always have a direction in people's lives in the same way?

Why does everyone have to live the same fake lives?

The same type of people are created, as if carbon paper was placed between them. More or less the same diseases, the same pains, the same troubles, the same goals, the same haste, the same impatience, the same ups and downs, the same imbalances...

There are many directed people around you who are trying to manipulate you.

All this means they make you live a conditioned life, not the life you should have originally lived. This means that you are doing other things that you do not want to do, that do not suit you. You are in a mold and you are no longer free.

How could anyone else know the life you are meant to live better than you? As usual, people know little about your thoughts, feelings and emotions, but have a lot of opinions against it..!

With this superficiality, they are in a constant direction. They come upon you with many sentences like "Don't do it like that, don't wear it like that, don't wear it like that, don't say it like that, don't eat that, don't go there, go here, it's not for you, it's for you...". At every opportunity, others imply that they know everything very well.

Stopping at you for a while; “I wonder? Could it be true?" You can't help but think. Because most people confuse you. There are too many of the same sounds. Because you have been exposed to so much manipulation, you are unable to do what you want to do. Also, you may have unwittingly been involved in this manipulation game.

Now you, too, begin to interfere with directing everything that comes your way as directed, without being aware of it. You interfere with the lesson of your teacher, whom you voluntarily attend, you direct the driver of the car you are in, you enter the kitchen, you direct the cook, you interfere with the game of those playing games, you go to your neighbor, you interfere with your house... You become unable to stop without intervening.

There is no compass, but everyone says they know the direction. This creates confusion, and you seem to be going wherever you want in the ocean, and you go back and forth without seeing the land.

The first point of view is that everything has a solution. I'm not talking about death and incurable diseases. If you are alive and healthy, I think that a solution can be found in many issues, but first of all, it is necessary to believe in it from the heart.

The second perspective is to give ourselves the freedom to make mistakes. If we want to lead our lives, we must give ourselves this freedom. We need to change the way we look at making mistakes, making mistakes is an essential part of the learning experience. One of the greatest achievements in life is to keep learning and improving ourselves, please let's not forget that. If you learn from your mistakes and don't repeat similar mistakes, you can make mistakes. You cannot possibly give a new direction to your life without making any mistakes.

A third point of view is not to lose awareness of the present moment. To be able to balance between making plans to give direction to life and living in the moment. For this, there is a simple method that I created with the advice of a client, I take notes in my little notebook every night before I go to bed. What was the event that affected me the most today, who was the person that most affected me, what was the emotion I felt most intensely, why did I feel intensely, did I feel one step closer to my dreams, if so, what was the cause? These short notes allow me to live my days with greater awareness.

The fourth perspective is about understanding the essence of planning. Planning is good if you are managing your plans. If your plans are starting to rule you, I'd say there's a problem. You have to be flexible. It is not possible to plan everything in life, but I do not think that a life without a plan is very beautiful.

A fifth perspective is to be curious. You may always need some courage to lead life. One of the most important parts of courage is curiosity, if you want to be more courageous, be more curious about your life and what you want to do. Do your research, find a way to talk to people who do what you want to do.

The sixth point of view is to understand that there is no general formula for managing life. I experience this every day when I coach. We produce personalized management prescriptions. The purpose of this article is to inspire you to create your own perspectives rather than just applying the stories.

The seventh and final point of view is to understand that it is the simple things that make us happy and that most people can be happy by appreciating what they have.

This is your life not anyone else's...

Others have less influence on you and you are the only one who directs your own life as it should be.

This is what should happen.

Do not forget!

You are unique and special…

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Topics: Humanity, Adoption, Live, Reality, Alone, ...