The Natural State of Body and Mind is to be Healthy.

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Yoga is a teaching that deals with health, unlike modern western medicine which deals with sickness and cure. Yoga teachings are based on effective and specific information to ensure the healthy functioning of the body and mind.

It provides health, vigor and a constant freshness to the person who practices yoga techniques.

When you practice yoga in your daily life, you will always keep your body in top condition for many years and make your body shine like a new vehicle, just like the car owner who maintains and maintains his own car. Without yoga training, you will look like the owner of a car whose car runs hard in the morning, requires high service costs, regular repairs, and eventually breaks down with serious consequences.

The natural state of body and mind is to be healthy. If you pay attention, the smallest part and function that makes up you always has the purpose of seeking and renewing health. Wounds caused by any reason heal, broken or cracked bones boil, rising fever decreases, accumulated toxins are removed, fatigue goes away.

It is as if there is a miraculous bio-engineering that will allow us to spend our whole lives healthy and peaceful, beyond our control.

This extraordinary life system has many diverse but distinct features that work in harmony.

E.g; strong and flexible structure of muscles, bones and connective tissues; nutrient cycle of the digestive system; respiratory and circulatory system that heals every cell and tissue; such as the nervous system that balances our physical, emotional and mental responses, and the sensitive activity system of hormones…

Unlike the fitness systems practiced today, yoga keeps the body working in harmony with all its parts and ensures that it is in a perfect condition.

It also makes it work in a systematic, balanced way. Being fully healthy after childhood is rare in the modern world. We use this body entrusted to us negatively as if nothing will happen to it without thinking.

However, we should provide our body with free movement, relaxation, fresh air and natural fresh foods. What has been done is the exact opposite. We stay for hours in stuffy, sun-drenched environments, sit uncomfortably, attack hastily cooked meals, and take no time for exercise. If our body complains about this, we often use painkillers without asking an expert, harming the body's natural healing system and silencing the signs that warn us of trouble. Yoga, on the other hand, starts to work these natural systems in harmony again, such as stress, hypertension, fatigue, insomnia…

It offers a healthy life even after unhealthy months or even years resulting in diseases.

Most of the diseases and energy loss that trouble us are caused by the incomplete and inadequate use of these vital functions and the long-term weakening of the body systems. Today, exercise is advocated by all health teachings, but the practice of yoga has a special place. Principled yogis thousands of years ago understood that regular exercises were created not to develop muscles or drain our energy, but to relax the body and stimulate the entire circulatory system down to the cells. In this way, vital organs will work at full capacity, wastes will be destroyed, tissues will be nourished and metabolism will renew itself.

The physical body is only one part of health in Yoga teaching, the soul and mind are just as important.

While yoga in the east combines the science of body, soul and mind, the western approach has been to evaluate them separately. Now Western medicine has discovered that the healing of the mind and emotions is very important for the healing of the body. This discovery quickly created a desire to meet and get acquainted with Yoga in our country and in the world. The best thing to do after this meeting is to include Yoga practices in your life in a disciplined way in order to experience the benefits of Yoga.

Hoping that we can open our hearts to new awareness...

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Topics: Life, Live, Love, Meditation, Humanity, ...