The Flow of life is not Clear, Sometimes you hit the Bottom, Sometimes you hit the top

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From time to time I ask my acquaintances;

"How's it going? Are you satisfied with your situation? How are you feeling?" saying.

“Usually the answer comes like this;”

They say, "How can you have fun, up is a down".

 How come I don't understand, I say.

They say, "Whatever, we hit the bottom, we hit the ceiling, so it passes."

And they add, “There will be such blows so that life can be tasted, my dear, otherwise life would be monotonous.”

I'm thinking, is it really fun to hit rock bottom and hit a ceiling? How can it be fun to hit here and there without stopping?

Or do you accept it without thinking because you've always been told that from the past?

Do you say and confirm to those who say these things (I wonder if you are shooting too) that you are right?

Let's try to look at the subject from a different point of view. Body and mind are parts of the same system. This situation is now accepted by science in recent years. In fact, the medical world says that the cause of most physical diseases is mental.

Let's take this case in the direction of the physical body. Suppose that strokes to the bottom and ceiling are necessary for our enjoyment in the body. Let's see what would happen.

I would like to give a few examples;

If your blood pressure is at a low, how do you feel at the top?

What would happen if your blood sugar drops once and then jumps up?

Your heart rate is one low, one high, and you feel palpitations?

Sometimes you go to the toilet twice a day, sometimes there is no sound for 3 days?

These examples go on and on. How would you feel in such situations? How would you like it? You would feel unhealthy, uncomfortable, and sick. It's unpleasant to even think about. As soon as possible, you would go to a specialist doctor to balance your blood pressure, blood sugar, bowel and pulse. Even when you have a blood count, whether your counted blood values ​​are within the reference range on the far right of the paper you are given gives information about your health.

Then there is a balance, a sweet fluctuation, a fluidity for a healthy body.

We mentioned that the Body-Mind are parts of the same system.

So, how mentally healthy can it be to hit more or less constantly? Just like the body, a balance in the mind, a sweet fluctuation will create a much healthier you. Then your pleasure will not be on the bottom or the ceiling. Strokes are now replaced by harmony and caress. Like masters, like yogis, like masters, your body-mind health will be very good and your peace will always be in place.

If you are physically, mentally and spiritually whole and healthy, life will be a happiness in itself.



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2 years ago
Topics: Live, Life, Love, Self-improvement, Nature, ...