Strength; In fact, sacrificing, loving, seeking, missing and not being offended in the least.

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A young man was walking down the street and saw a dog lying on the sidewalk, making sounds as if the dog was crying.

When he got closer, he saw that the dog was lying on a nailed board, and the nail was sinking right into the dog's stomach.

He asked the old man standing right there,

-Uncle, is this dog crying?

-Yes, said the old man, it seems,

-Why? asked the young man,

-Can't you see? said the old man, he is lying on the nailed board, he must be sinking.

-Then why doesn't he get up?

I think the old man's answer was very meaningful:

-It means it doesn't hurt enough to get up...

If there is a problem or situation in your life that you want to change right now and you are not doing anything, there are two possibilities: Either that nail doesn't hurt enough to lift you from where you're lying, or the pain of the nail that pierced has not yet passed the pain of your fear of change. That nail sometimes pierces a person so hard that even in the most unfavorable and unfavorable situations, a person suddenly jumps out and establishes a brand new world for himself...

We know how wrong it is to be strong. We think the one who raises his voice is strong. We think the one who hit the table is strong. We think the frightening is powerful.

To be strong is to remain silent while shouting and this voice is so loud that it can make even your own ears deaf.

We think that those who impose conditions, set rules, create principles, and those who think that saying Noah and not saying prophet are something, are strong. In fact, power is being flexible without giving up its essence, being a shape, being kneaded with what life brings.

We always think that the one who sacrifices everything for the sake of what is loved, wanted and sought is strong.

Strength; In fact, sacrificing, loving, seeking, missing and not being offended in the least.

We think that the one who continues, who knows everything he has, who loves what he has for fear of losing, is strong.

Strength; Actually, it's not to decam, it's to give up…

Whatever happened yesterday happened… we should laugh at the troubles that we will have trouble remembering in the future… we don't know what will happen tomorrow. Maybe at a traffic light, maybe at the opening of a painting exhibition, who will we go to. All our lives, unfortunately, in order to earn a little more, to be loved or known a little more, with the emotions and dreams we postponed by holding on to the shore of life; Sometimes we compromise our personality, sometimes from our hearts, and sometimes from what we have in our pockets, and drift to places we don't want for people and jobs we don't like. If we believe in the necessity of making ourselves a means instead of an end and satisfying someone's ego, we are lost with the teaching of kissing the hand we cannot bend.

While thinking about what has just happened and what will happen soon, we bury that moment in the past.

Simple, derived, compound; intransitive ćati with causative transitive; There are qualifying, specifying, sign, number, question adjectives, it is in the present tense.

The mistakes I've made, the tears I've shed, the successes I've had, all the criticisms I've had, the shocks I've had, all the abandonment I didn't deserve, the treachery I've experienced, the joys strong enough to make me cry, the hugs I've had with my loved one, the things I've eaten from the one I loved, the laughter I've had, the anger I've had, all of my life sacrificed!

But all in the present only. What success, money, beauty; nor the traumas that accumulate feelings of pain, anger and hatred are permanent in this life. Trust neither happiness nor pain in this world. Whatever you're going through is just right now.

Let me live to the fullest, the hours of peace that make me forget this past and tomorrow, make me write on my chair, stroke my dog's head, and keep my hopes and dreams in it. Not knowing, wanting to know, the only truth, the present...

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