Stop keeping your troubles inside, so that troubles do not drag you to despair.

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How hard it is to be helpless in this life. You can't do anything with your hands tied. However, it should not be forgotten that every desperation has a solution, a cure. If God closes one door, he opens a thousand doors. What matters is how you got through those times when you were helpless... Can you stay strong, for example?

First of all, stop saying I'm so desperate. A smart question to yourself. I've done everything, that's all I can do, but if there is another way, tell me. Do not say right away that I am very helpless. They say that there is no cure for the dead and the dead, or just like that, this is life. We cannot undo and change what happened, nor can we find any remedy for death. But everything else has a solution.

Go to your problems. Go so they don't come upon you. Try to get rid of them before they suffocate you. If you learn to deal with problems, you will remove the word helplessness from your life. Shout, call, cry if necessary. But don't throw it in. It grows as it grows. You're going to explode. What do you need though? Stop keeping your troubles inside, so that troubles do not drag you into despair.

Sometimes we just have to watch things helplessly from afar. You should keep this in mind. Allah, who gives the trouble, will certainly give the cure. And the end of every despair is a new hope. Do not hang your face. On the contrary, always smile at new hopes. If something happens to you, there must be a reason... We want things to change in our lives. Like getting a better marriage, finding a new job where we can be happy, starting a new relationship, getting a promotion at work, making more money.

These changes we want in outer life are like the last waves of an ocean hitting the shore. How these waves hit the shore often depends on many factors beyond our control. It is the bottom of the ocean thousands of kilometers away that creates these waves hitting the shore. It is impossible to initiate this change without establishing a relationship with the infinite and unlimited being within us. It is an illusion to think that you will be happy with the changes in outer life. Outside life is constantly changing. Many factors beyond our control play a role in this change.

However, that endless ocean within us is always there and we can only control it. This allows us to make those waves happen as we want them over time.

You don't need to retreat to a cave and meditate for 50 years. We can start by trying to be healthy. It's not just physical health that I'm talking about here. Emotional, mental and spiritual health at the same timeā€¦

The daily rituals we will add to our lives will enable us to relate to that endless ocean.

The biggest mistake made at this point is to expect the change in the outside world to be very rapid. Change is a process job. The second big mistake is trying to do too much and being too motivated at the beginning to initiate the inner change, and inevitably fall back into our old routine. The secret is to move forward slowly and with small steps.

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