Sagittarius is life… All energy comes from it.

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We are all archers of divine will. For this reason, we need to know which tools to use and how. Some important advice from me to you…

Sagittarius is life… All energy comes from it. The arrow will surely leave one day. The target is far away. But life always stays with you, so you need to know how to take good care of it. It needs periods of stagnation. It loses its strength if it is kept always armed and stretched. This is why you must accept rest so that you can renew your strength. So your strength is complete when you hang on to re-tighten the spring.

The bow has no consciousness: it is an extension of the archer's hand and desires. It serves to kill or to think. So always set your goal clearly.

Sagittarius is flexible, but still it has its limits. Any attempt beyond its capacity will break it or exhaust the hands holding it. In this case, do not demand more from your own body than it can give you, as well as from the bow. And remember, one day the time of old age will come, it is a blessing, not a curse.

Stretch the bow gracefully, let both sides do their part properly, don't waste your energy. In this way, you can shoot many arrows without getting tired.

The arrow is your intention… It is the tool that connects the power of the bow to the center of the target. Our intention should always be very clear, unambiguous and well-balanced.

Once detached from the bow, it never returns, so it's better to interfere with the process - when the movements to guide the arrow are not accurate and smooth - than to act old-fashioned just because the arrow is stretched and waiting for the target.

If the only thing holding you back is the fear of not hitting the target, then don't be afraid to make your intentions clear. Perform the right movements and open your hand and let go of the bowstring, take the necessary steps and face the challenge you enter. Even if you fail to hit the target, you will be able to aim better next time.

If you take no risks, you never know what you have to change next time.

The target is the goal to be achieved… It is determined by you. Herein lies the beauty of the path followed. You never have the right to make excuses or say that your opponent is stronger. Because you are the one who chose the target and all responsibility belongs to you.

If you see your target as an enemy, maybe you can shoot well, but you will never be able to improve yourself. All your life you've been trying to shoot your arrow into things made of paper or wood that don't make any sense. And when you get together with other people, you complain that you have never done anything interesting or exciting in life.

This is exactly why you need to set a goal, do your best to achieve it, look at it with respect and care: You should know well what it means to you and how much effort, education and intuition you have put into it.

When aiming at your target, don't just focus on it, but also see everything around it; because when the arrow is thrown, it will encounter factors that you cannot easily calculate, such as wind, weight, distance.

A goal exists only as long as one can dream of reaching it. It is man's passion that makes his existence real, otherwise the goal will be a dead thing, a distant dream, a sweet dream.

And just as intent needs a purpose, purpose needs a person's intention. Because that is what gives meaning to your existence; so it is no longer just a dream, but the center of an archer's world.

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It is interesting that you describe life through the bow. Successful explanation. I love this.

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2 years ago

I like different perspectives, thank you so much

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2 years ago