People Exist By Being Patient in Life

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When you opened your eyes to the world, you were unaware of everything.

Life dragged some like leaves. Some are content with the life they live, some are rebellious. Everyone entered a road, unaware of each other. Everyone's problem is different.

Have you ever thought why you are in a hectic rush?

A crazy endless run, so crazy that you forget where you went in that rush. Only aimless running remained. You have to catch up, but it doesn't matter where or what.

Everything that comes your way in a hurry disturbs you. You want to consume in a short time and see the result. In that haste, all your expectations must be swift for you. And now the impatience has stuck with you. Red lights are always on for you, the cashier you are waiting for in the market works hard, you complete the sentences of the other person during the conversation, you lose weight the slowest on a diet, you go to a yoga class, you want to jump to the letter "y" before you learn the letter "a"...

Easy gains are easily lost.

However, some beauties require patience. Yoga also shows this path, patience. But patience is a big time for you. What will happen to be patient? If the result is not obtained in a short time, it will not be obtained in a long time!

Since I know what I have gained with patience, I do not want to lose what I have gained by continuing to be patient, and I try to offer a different way to those who do not know what patience gives, so that they do not lose it instead of getting impatient.

They say the root of patience is bitter and its fruit is sweet. The one who is patient with troubles and pain, finally attains beauty. The end of patience is salvation.

Patience may take time, and it may seem like nothing is happening, but when the moment is right, there's an explosion. This is the gain of patience. It should not be opposed to patience.

Do you know the Moso tree?

A tree species of bamboo, originating from China. When this tree is first planted, it does not grow at all for five years. After five years, he suddenly grows 70 cm a day. This extension lasts six weeks. Even when the tree is 29 meters, it does not grow anymore, it always stays at that height.

There is no magic in this. For those five years, Moso was rooting for miles under the ground. This rapid and sudden growth is the result of five years of preparation!

Outward and inward growth is calm and quiet. You only realize it when you reach a certain level. And it will come as a surprise to you. Because when I thought for a long time that nothing was happening, it did. Maybe not right away, but it will happen.


It is up to you to have great patience and the confidence that the entire existence is on the side of those who are trying to grow spiritually.

The way of existence is patience. The mind will call it laziness.

Don't listen, relax.

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