Pain, sadness and joy are ours. I wish the years would pass without saying

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1 year ago

I'm lost in thought this time. It's like I've calmed down. Have I become like my elders? Because I feel like I'm living the things I've heard from them.

Something has happened to me... I have completely withdrawn into myself. There is no trace of my old crazy moods. It's like I've become stagnant.

This is not alienation or isolation from life, do not be confused. On the contrary, I am more attached to life than I have ever been. On the contrary, it was as if I was unaware of all the evils of the world. from every color, every area...

Life changes people. We think that we will always stay the same, but that is not the case. The more we keep our inner child alive, the more we grow, this fact does not change anything. You actually experience good things. You are more experienced, more confident. Now you are smarter, you have an opinion on everything. And if you understand life well, your thoughts are always right. And you direct your life with these thoughts, with more confident steps.

You are looking for a little more silence, a lot of peace, you can hardly stand the sounds of children, because you are growing up. You hear the noises better, you know people better, you listen to nature and life. You listen to the chirping of birds more…

I still question myself in many subjects. I still haven't been able to complete it. So it's not really easy to find yourself. Even if you find yourself, you are always in a struggle with yourself. Sometimes you even do what you know wrong. You do what you shouldn't do, you say what you shouldn't say. You know you should have anger but you can't be angry, don't be angry or you are still broken on the issues you shouldn't be offended.

I know I still have a long road ahead of me. Every year I improve more than the previous year. I don't know what else I will experience on this journey. Maybe that's why life is so beautiful. Think about it, after our most painful experiences, our wounds are healed in time and life does not make us forget completely, but new things are happening. We meet new people, we make new beginnings. We write new stories for our lead roles.

Maybe that's why life is so beautiful... We don't know what we will experience tomorrow. We don't know when we will die. We live as if we will never die without knowing it. Death is a part of life... Thanks to him, we love life more, we know its value. ;

I'm not even halfway through. I know I have a lot more to learn. I'm improving, adding more to my thoughts and feelings every day and removing as much. But now I'm sure of this. I don't want to say WISH for the rest of my life. I did it. When I was caught between my emotions and my logic, no matter how much my logic said no, I uncontrollably chose to believe my emotions.

Now I know that happiness is not in the whirlpools that keep us in a vicious circle.

I can achieve anything after I want it,

that not all people can be trusted blindly...

Anger and jealousy do not take place in love,

When a brick of the wall of respect falls, the wall will crack,

What a blessing trust is in life,

The lie is a messy hair and it hurts so much,

that my family is my treasure,

This is exactly why life is beautiful. You get pleasure as you experience it. Pain, sadness and joy are ours.

Look, it's spring again. Imagine, just like me.

Wishing you a life with few wishes…

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1 year ago