My only wish for everyone today is to live without regret

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2 years ago

There are things in life that we always complain about, but we do not stop making the same mistake. The word I wish, which we always reproach, is at the center of our lives.

What would this world be like if we never wished we hadn't?

Would we reach our purpose in life.. Wait a minute, what is our purpose in life who remembers?

If you can keep your cool when everyone loses their cool and blames you;

If you can tolerate their suspicion even though everyone suspects you;

If you can wait and don't get tired of waiting; or if you are slandered and do not respond to the slander; and at the same time do not speak in a manner that is too docile or too wise;

If you can think but do not become a slave to your thoughts;

If you can face disaster and bliss and meet these two impostors in the same way;

If you can watch the things you dedicate your life to crumble and bend down and rebuild it with broken tools;

If, after it's too late, you can mobilize your heart, nerves and body with full activity again and try to reach the goal; and “hold on!” If you know how to grit your teeth when there is nothing left but your will that says;

If you can maintain your virtues while speaking to the common people; or if you wander with kings and do not become proud and lose yourself;

If neither the words of your loved ones nor your enemies hurt you;

If you can count everyone but know not to get too attached to anyone;

If you can fill sixty seconds of each minute;

Then you can think you're a man now

If only; If I had held him by the arm the moment my eyes met,

If only; I wish I pushed life harder,

If only; If I looked more, the insatiable taste of my tears while crying,

If only; If I hugged my mother more,

If only; If you hadn't given up on me, while I was stuck with you with all my longings,

If only; If I could walk without tripping my feet in this life,

If only; If I was old enough to bear that you weren't thinking of me,

If only; If sleeping alone wasn't as painful as lying naked on a thorny bed,

If only; If I had given up on you enough to go without looking back when you said go,

If only; If I could walk around in the rain until I got cold and sick, if I didn't wait until my feet stopped,

If only; If I could warm the hands of the little boy I passed,

If only; For all of us, if life had not knitted its webs so much,

If only; If I were a sweet dream in my father's sleep, not the ugly kid who left his house,

If only; If I was brave enough to leave everything,

If only; I wish the roads that I thought diverged would converge on the most beautiful slope of the country inside me.

If only; I wish those I gave up would wait like sweet naughty children and catch me by the side of the road,

If only; I wish I loved someone enough to endure all the pain he inflicts,

If only; If every wrinkle on my face had a meaning like a lived experience, now it's not just a wrinkle,

If only; If you were brave enough to say "Let go"

If only; Even if there is someone we miss, even when we are with you,

If only; If more doors were opened, the rooms where I could enter and smell every smell were not finished,

If only; If it weren't for a small bike I was trying to catch time on; If I had caught up with my bike everywhere, my steps were not enough to catch up,

If only; If it weren't for a small blood clot I left in the sea, my child, I wish I could touch your hands now...

If only; If I hadn't left my nights alone in a burned city,

If only; If only I could look at the stars, when the stars weren't so faded and lost,

If only; If I had been drinking and drunk behind the school, without fear of those next to me,

If only; If we could laugh more while looking at the stars while brewing tea on the roof of the house in the middle of the night,

If only; If the sea of ​​sadness inside me were a huge, magnificent waterfall flowing loudly,

If only; If only I could be there when my mother left us,

If only; If the things I missed were with me one morning,

If only; I wish we could live this life more intimidating, messing with our mouths and noses,

If only; If I followed my dreams,

If only; If no one lived without saying 'I wish',

If only; I wish we had enough time to consume our food one by one...

If only; I wish we didn't have so many.

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2 years ago


I really wish to live without regret but after getting married I regret being married because I was happy before I got married now my life is mess.

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2 years ago

We must move forward despite all the circumstances

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2 years ago

Keeping your self cool in any situation is the great one to maintain actually. Mistakes are attached with human life so we have to learn from it to make things better.

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2 years ago

Thanks for your comment, I totally agree with you, if we don't stay cool towards life, a difficult life awaits us.

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2 years ago