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Ancient yogis used logs, stones, and ropes to effectively practice asanas, or Yoga postures.

B.K.S Iyengar, one of the most important living Yoga masters, has expanded this principle and discovered supports that allow the asanas to be practiced easily and for longer periods of time.

If you are under a high level of stress, have a minor injury to your body, or feel tired in any way, the Yoga practice using support is definitely one of the best practices for you.

Yoga asanas involve stretching and exerting effort, as well as relaxing the body. More importantly, the purpose of the postures is to harmonize the body as a whole. These practices also involve mental harmony, which involves the mind touching every part of the body at the same rate.

To be able to practice yoga well, you need to be in good mental and physical condition. You may have observed that even those who have done Yoga exercises for a long time and are in good shape sometimes find it difficult to maintain certain postures in the required time. This is the reason why the use of supports in yoga has been developed. With these supports, asana exercises become easier and less tiring. Asana practice with these supports makes each asana practice more suitable for all yoga students, including thin or overweight, strong or weak, young or old, beginners or advanced students, and those who want to conserve their energy for fatigue or hurts. makes it.

Yoga supports are any object that helps to stretch, strengthen, relax, or harmonize the body. It allows the practice of asana to be practiced for longer periods of time and conserve energy. These supports help to work comfortably by balancing the asanas effectively as well as keeping the body and mind still. Everyday and mundane objects can be used, such as walls, chairs, stools, cushions, blankets, and belts to help my students perform the final pose. By providing more length, weight and support, the supports help the implementation of important movements and the harmony of the body.

Yogic exercises performed with supports are unique in that they allow both movement and relaxation at the same time.

It activates the muscles, strengthens the body and reduces excess mental and physical stress. The supports contribute to increasing flexibility and endurance, as well as the relief of weak and tired muscles. They help to rejuvenate the whole body without increasing physical fatigue.

Working with supports works wonders when the body is extremely sluggish, lifeless and exhausted. The nervous system relaxes, the brain calms down and the mind calms down. Asana exercises with supports increase emotional balance and motivation. As stress decreases, anxiety, fears, and depression disappear, enabling people under emotional pressure to take better care of all aspects of their lives.

Asanas practiced with the aid of a mat, block, stool, or chair help relieve many common ailments. It regulates blood pressure, facilitates breathing, eliminates stiffness in the back, hips, knees and feet, and relieves rheumatism and joint pain. It helps you to improve your body position and maintain your balance by allowing you to stretch and relax throughout the workout.

As a result, Yoga with supports creates a feeling of calm, providing a fresh and renewed appearance. Yoga students find Yoga practice with supports to be a very stimulating exercise. Supports give students the confidence to practice difficult asanas and enable them to practice correct study. These supports also help to understand and develop each asana and act as silent teachers.

Hoping that we can open our hearts to new awareness...

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