Love Despite Everything, Don't Expect Anything in Return

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The most precious thing in life is undoubtedly love. It is beautiful to love, it is better to be loved.

Today, I want to talk about love. Actually, our topic is always love. I have always wanted to tell people about this from the very beginning. In my writings, in the articles, poems, and photographs I have chosen… In spite of the profiles and sharing places where reproachful sentences are shared, which compete with each other. Of course, everyone at the same time It is not possible for him to be in the same mood. Some of them read my articles with great enthusiasm, some turned away. There was love in you that you found yourself here, I am sure. Love was valuable to you. Here is the common point of all of us. Here is the common point of this word.

Love… Do you know what kind of power it is that can erase all anger and resentment in a person, what kind of feeling is it that can make you forget everything, all the negativities, even some injustices. Do you know what a sincere word "I love you" can change? Many things...

Look, I draw your attention; I'm not saying love, love...

It is not necessary to say I love you all the time, any attitude, look, caring, caring that shows you love...

People are constantly waiting for love from each other. We expect love from our lover, from our family, from our brothers, from our friends. When we truly feel loved, we calm down and become happy. However, lovelessness puts us in various impasses. Actually, it shouldn't get in. We always strive for it. But love is always a need, like bread and water. just as…

When you lose interest in your spouse, your spouse starts to become more jealous and more aggressive. When you do not show your love to your friends to your brother, your brother will always be incomplete. When you do not show love to your children, they always look for this love outside and always need to be loved… Some say yes to everyone, to the extent that they forget themselves to win people's love, some say so. he is loveless that he is always angry, always frowning, even running away from people in order not to get hurt. Even the evils of some people are always due to this lack of love. You are about the love you give, not what you get.

In fact, even the dose of love is harmful to me when the dose is too much. A child who is very loved, saturated with love, suffocated with love, all his needs are met, and his or her every need is met, may be different in the ways he seeks to find happiness in the future. In this satisfied state, he may steal or even kill a person.

That's why life is beautiful even with its shortcomings. Life is in such a balance and we are so busy with our shortcomings, our shortcomings, our shortcomings…

But when I look around, we are always surrounded by people who are burning with the need to be loved. Everyone is broken, hurt, lost in enthusiasm...

That's why the most beautiful thing is to love unconditionally. To love despite… If everyone loves without expecting anything in return, maybe there will be no one left unloved, no one will be hurt.

So, love today to the fullest, without gratuitous... Congratulate people, thank the waiter who offered you your coffee. Wish good day to the driver who dropped you at your stop, rejoice him as an individual for serving this world and the universe. Don't wait for it to happen. You smile a little bit. Surprise him. Maybe your smile will cause dozens of customers to be greeted with a smile. Be the one who smiles. Be the one full of love.

Give a big hug to your mother, say I love you to your sister. Is this an obstacle to hug because it is in front of your eyes every day?

Love your family not because they agree with you, but because they are your family even if you disagree. Love your friend not because he always flatters you, but because he is your friend instead of billions of people.

Love your spouse for sharing life with you, good and bad...

I am happy today. Because I know that I am loved. Most importantly, I can love despite everything; people, nature, living. This is very beautiful.

Have a nice day full of love

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