It is a riddle… Living is a promise made… Living is luck!..

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Is living to have breathed for a countable period from the past to the present? Or is it what you can do while you can breathe?

If you have an expectation about life, your answer will probably be the latter. Because as long as you can breathe, there will be things you plan to do as much as you can do. If you are not designing anything, life remains for you as a concept consisting of a period of time where you can breathe.

Then I ask the same question again: What is life? If life is a car speeding towards the unknown, it's about catching a happy face or a warm glance from the images passing by. No, living on a slow train is waiting for the light at the end of the tunnel; sometimes with patience, sometimes with an overwhelming sense of rebellion.

If it is a ship that glides through the vast seas from time to time and escapes from capsizing from time to time, to live, to face the storms that are thought to be never-ending; is to fight for survival, to experience the calm after the storm. To be a lonely tree in a huge forest, to live is to resist the stormy snows of cold winters. Not to hear the deafening noise of the great forest.

To turn your back is to dive into all their hums.Or if it is to share, living is being able to pass a large piece of it to the other person without hesitation when a warm crispy bagel cuts it in half.

To love is to live, to love even if one does not love, without expecting anything in return, without turning love into shopping.

If you can't do any of these, living a vegetative life. It is expected that the plugs that provide breathing are pulled…

It is said that "the darkest moment of the night is the moment closest to the dawn". After the times when you feel the most hopeless and say "I'm tired, I'm giving up", there will be times when you can breathe easily. If you don't give up, if you keep on keeping your feet firmly on and holding on to life.

Hopeful developments sometimes knock on the door of your dejected heart as an unexpected offer, and sometimes something you have dreamed of for years will come true... As long as you haven't left the stage called life, say "I'm still here, I'm here". The lover of the people also said: "What is life, what is the use of soul / When you do not have a purpose in life / What is home / What is a home for / When there is no smiling person in the house"...

To live; laughing, crying, rejoicing, being sad, shouting, calming down, being sick, being happy, being healthy, experiencing stress, using antidepressants, getting married, getting divorced, giving birth, loving, cheating, being deceived, being understood, not being understood, insomnia, school, profession, drinking, traveling, having fun, having a picnic, committing suicide, dying, not being able to die, getting angry with the people walking on the road, getting scolded by the bus driver, getting angry, and still being able to say "what a good day" when all this has passed.

Maybe living is writing and drawing on a blank piece of paper with a pen given to you… In my opinion, to be able to say “I lived”, it is necessary to know a lot of songs, a lot of poems… Then you need a voice to sing out loud. Well, it takes courage to smile too.

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