Everything takes shape again. As long as there is hope in your life

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Have hope in your life. Don't stop, run as far as you can.

Run regardless of the obstacles placed in front of you. Despite those who try to prevent you from resisting, run and do not look back.

People say I have grown up now, I know everything well, I learned, but that's not the case. Every year, people change a little more compared to the previous year. They say whether I did them or is it me. half-mouth smiles and continues on his way.

In middle ages, people question what they do and live more. I could have read, I could have chosen a better department at school, I could not miss these opportunities, we lament for the steps we take. For example, all the time we spend on people we grieve and grieve for… We feel sorry for the passing time. .However, our experiences and choices make us who we are. As we say if only, we multiply the number of days we wish. Then it was meant to be and it happened. Your feelings and thoughts at that time guided you. If you hadn't suffered that pain, maybe you couldn't move on. You would regret that you didn't do it. You still have the strength and time for what you couldn't do. Many successful famous people were able to reach their goals at a very old age.

They ask me how are you. Sometimes I say I'm very good even if I'm very calm and self-conscious. But it's not like I'm throwing it in. I think about my bad days, I compare them with those days and today I feel really good. That's thankfully... I don't expect constant attention from someone. It doesn't happen either, but I don't let go of the things that make me happy. It's to love yourself and be happy with yourself. Sometimes I let myself get bored. My bored soul is happy with the smallest thing when I least expect it.

They knows how to be happy with these little things. This serenity suits me very well.

Nothing makes me sad anymore.What if I get sad, I even choose to be sad when it comes to my life. I also choose to be sad when appropriate. Crying suits me very well. My eyelashes get wet and stuff. Sometimes that drop of tear you can't shed becomes a burden on your heart. You can't be purified for years. That's why crying suits my life. Everything takes shape. The universe fills the gaps. As long as there is hope in your life. May the gaps always be filled with hope. May the light of your hope never go out. Life goes on with enthusiasm inside you. let it.

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