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We have dreams that we cannot fit into ourselves. However, it is our childhood that makes those dreams bigger. We cannot fit what comes out of ourselves into our world. Dreams are destroyed, smaller ones are built instead. But a destroyed love leaves so much pain behind that you can't reach out and put a single brick in its place.

There are traces behind. And the scars are as deep as you remember. If everything is a game of love, it's up to the rest to watch the departures. It falls from our name step by step. And every step he takes is not going, but ending. Not the end of love, but the fact that everything else is a lie destroys one.

However, you have avoided even appearing stronger than him in front of him, just so that he does not seem weak. Nobody can believe that you are this good, they don't want to see it. And the unbelief of some truths turns them into a lie. That's why they go mostly. Because they see themselves as right, in the shadow of what they can't see...


The best and only answer I can give to the question of what is a good relationship is "we".


To sleep in a single bed without the slightest discomfort, to laugh, to laugh and to be able to laugh, is to be silly sometimes.


Missing more and more with every second that passes without him is often paying attention and running on the stairs saying he has come to the doors that he did not knock. It should say what's good for you..


but I can't say, I won't say.. because I learned to be us first.. I learned not to question by saying that if it's good for us, it's good for me anyway.. even if he looks at you with someone else in mind, I learned to respond with love, to say that of course I will come back after every departure... and all of these with you. learned; I matured by holding your hand, covering you and crying for what you did..


And I can't go from you even if I wanted to, I can't leave us and go anywhere, do you understand? Maybe I'll give up after a while, for diyosuny it will be 2 years, but in case it will be 4 years, but it will pass.. maybe it will pass, but it will be very difficult.. do you remember the kitten example I gave you? The cat sent from home by its owner..


maybe the cat was forced to go by himself, he was hungry and thirsty and he realized that he could not live any longer, that the house was not a home for him, he threw himself out of the door opened by the owner.. the outside is filthy, terrible and he is alone. it meows silently under the windows but nobody hears it because the windows are closed, the shutters are closed.. the cat just meows..


 I wish I was hungry I wish I didn't have water but I would sleep in his lap I would walk around his feet he says I said I... and I couldn't do it outside just like that stupid little kitten I couldn't do anything but be sad more and knock on my home door again..


I learned that my owner was looking for new cats at night, I heard the cats meow from under the windows.. I was always sad, I always cried.. I cried a lot, I was very sad.. and every time I get the news of a new cat, I get upset.. I know it's been too long.. come now, come almost, what are you doing, come now and Let these useless people around me go..


I am not happy in this house when you are not there. Our house is very empty when you are not there. I know you're not, don't say you are.. come on now.. come right away.. come quickly and the weather will get cold, I know.. come on darling, knock that damn door now.. I miss you..

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Topics: Love, Reality, Live, Memory, Psychology, ...