Efforts and struggles while life is flowing prepare us for the next step in our life.

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Some people find themselves in life. Before they have time to think, "Can I do it, am I ready, will I be disgraced?", they fall into the middle of something with a bang.

Life offers them its own pace, its own flow, even though they do not know how to swim, they see that they are in the water, they have to figure out how to swim quickly.

Sometimes life is like a waiting room for some. They wait in that room, and they wait… Either an outside development, an intervention is expected, or maybe the miracle will happen…

For some of us, what is expected is to be the best, most competent, complete and flawless.

It seems irrational to step out of the room before it is fully equipped. Being disgraced, being stupid and pathetic are the dangers that lie just outside the room for such of us.

They, too, wait to be ready on the secure sofas of their rooms, either constantly procrastinating or "working" incessantly.

When we see ourselves as a project that needs to be meticulously worked on in order to be loved, accepted, appreciated, we sometimes think that the project must be complete and complete in order to be ready to come to light.

Only when it is complete and complete will it be able to receive applause from the audience.

However, when we feel ourselves to be a natural part of life, when it is enough to be ourselves in order to be loved, accepted and cared, and to feel safe, the waiting room disappears. It's like, isn't it?

If I continue with a little story;

One day, while walking through the forest, the man saw a butterfly trying to come out of its cocoon. He watched the butterfly for hours as it struggled to get out of the small hole in its cocoon.

Then the man thought that the butterfly had given up trying to get out of the cocoon and that it had no strength left. He thought that I would help the butterfly so it could come out easily, and he enlarged the hole in the cocoon so that it could come out more easily.

In this way, the butterfly could easily come out of its cocoon. But he wasn't ready to go out yet, his body still dry and his wings wrinkled. The man thought that the butterfly would gather its strength, spread its wings and fly. But Butterfly had emerged from its cocoon prematurely. No matter how hard he tried, he could not fly and continued to crawl on the ground with crumpled wings.

The man had wanted to help the butterfly with good intentions, but what he didn't know was; The butterfly's struggle to get out of the cocoon would allow the fluid in its body to go to its wings so that it could fly when it came out of the cocoon at the right time.

Efforts and efforts made while life is flowing prepare us for the next step in our lives and enable us to reach the necessary strength. If you want to fly with your own wings, you have to work hard and struggle with difficulties. If you do everything your child wants in good faith and don't let him face the difficulties of life, you will actually prevent him from flying with his own wings when the time comes.

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