Courage is needed but ignorant courage is questionable

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From a personal point of view, of course, everyone's attitude when starting a business is different. But sometimes our insane courage shows up and we may have thrown the whole thing in the trash. Sometimes luck helps. It's always best to be approachable.

There is a definition that most of us probably know: ignorant courage. From this definition, we understand that the ignorant person tries to show himself with the arrogance of this ignorance. An ignorant person is indeed a person who is unaware of his shortcomings, and with this unconsciousness he may underestimate events and people.

It is generally far from understanding the importance and value of the knowledge and equipment that people have been struggling with for years. Ignorance involves exaggerated courage. As a society, I think one of our biggest problems is our 'ignorant courage'.

I can understand if we are inadequate in thinking and analyzing the situations and the attitudes we will take in these situations, but rather we are unintentional. We refuse to say we don't know something, and we risk constantly and often needlessly proving ourselves. Yes, the one with the high probability of return of the risk is wise, but the one that makes the difference with the lump sum probability can be considered stupid.

To speak as soon as possible or to reject ignorant courage and accepted truths. We are a society that does not fully understand what a competence it is to admit that we are inadequate, and how time spent on development is not a waste but a gain. Ignorant courage at home, on the street, in the office, in bed, everywhere. But this is the subject of a separate article, ignorant courage to death in health! What a pity...

While it is difficult to admit that we do not know the address asked, my expectations may seem high to you. But a real development and transformation can only be realized as a result of facing one's self. I know we all watch documentaries, but let's face it, we condemn the new singers who are actually models, the new actors who are actually singers, the new hosts who are actually economists, in the magazine programs that we watch unintentionally.

Defensive sentences that begin with "Well, I wanted to try" seem unfair to the real experts in that business, rightfully so. It seems like a pointless effort to do five things 'oh well' while doing one job very well.

But let me not be unfair, we applaud and appreciate those who do this well, those who succeed, and those who overcome them. Love; perhaps the most pompous part of his ignorant courage. We have a hard time understanding what is possible, what is not possible, what is appropriate and what is not.

We expect our decisions and dreams to come true regardless of the circumstances. The department we want to study at the university is far from the department we can study. We convince ourselves that we can make our dreams come true without effort.

We see our capacity above the existing one, and seeing it under it is another matter of discussion, let's note this as well. We consider it courage to say everything everywhere, to express an opinion without respecting or caring about anyone. We ignore the relation of courage to intelligence. We confuse bluntness with rudeness. We confuse self-knowledge with self-thinking. We deliberately confuse wishing with taking risks.

Because they misrepresented self-confidence to us. Maybe, while raising us, they made us think that we are more important than everything and everyone, that we can do everything, that we can do anything. They missed the humility in true self-confidence, so we missed it.

We did not know exactly how we would choose our role models, we chose not the embodiment of what we could have, but the embodiment of what we wanted to have but could not have, we made a mistake. Know yourself, look your way from the beginning, prepare yourself, create your conditions, esteem your loss, your gain, then 'manly courage' and then 'female courage'. A mother like a mother, a lover like a lover, a boss like a boss, a worker's courage like a worker... His ignorant courage, which does not know what it will bring if it sinks to the ground!

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