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In India there was a magnificent temple called the 'Temple of a Thousand Mirrors' built on the top of a high mountain.

One day, a dog climbed the mountain and entered the 'Temple of a Thousand Mirrors' by climbing the steps of the temple. When the dog passed into the hall of thousand mirrors of the temple, he saw a thousand dogs. Frightened, he fluffed his feathers, tucked his tail between his legs, and bared his teeth with frightening grunts.

And a thousand dogs also plucked their feathers, put their tails between their legs, made terrible noises and bared their teeth.

The dog panicked and fled from the temple. And from that moment on he believed that the whole world was full of dangerous, scary dogs.

After a while, another dog came and climbed the mountain. He also climbed the steps of the temple and entered the 'Temple of a Thousand Mirrors'. When he came to the hall of the temple with a thousand mirrors, he met a thousand dogs and was overjoyed;

He wagged his tail; He jumped around cheerfully and urged the dogs to play. And a thousand dogs wagged their tails and jumped for joy.

When the dog came out of the temple, he believed that the world was full of friendly and affectionate dogs.

Our choices in life are our own perspectives. Maybe not everything is under our control, yes, but how we see the world and our thoughts..?

Everyone's perspective on life is different. For example, what one sees as white, another person may see or want to see as gray. Everyone has a way of life acquired from family and environment. Accordingly, the person has a stance that he or she wants to stand against life. When the performative facts acquired by the person come into play, the aspects that affect the point of view are shaped and may differ by the influence of the information and visual square that he acquires from day to day. A person may not defend the ideas he defended ten years ago, or even evaluate them from a completely different perspective. People should have a window to look at life. Own perspective and value judgments.

If a person develops and educates himself sufficiently, the view of the window he will open against life opens to beauties, peace and happiness. A person always looks brightly around him, which is possible with self-development and upbringing. The person should decide who will be in the opening angle. If that window can be opened to a dirty world, the view of the person can be polluted and the quality of life can be reduced. One of the most important factors affecting the point of view is the environment in which a person lives. In this context, he should take the example he will get himself by passing a good filter. It should not be influenced by people with narrow perspectives and one-sided thinking. If we compare the point of view to a mirror, if a person watches life from a clean mirror, life shows him the facts as they are, but if the mirror you look at is dirty, you will see yourself blurry in the image you will see and you will not be able to make sound decisions. You can think of the narrow and one-sided perspective as mirrors held up to events from a single dimension. The ideal point of view is the dimensions that help us see the event in all its reality from all angles. The person who can have this point of view sees the events comprehensively and evaluates them. To give an example, if you watch the sea view from the top of a high slope, your view will be enriched. If we watch the view from the bottom of the sea, our view will narrow and it will not be possible to see it comprehensively. Just like this, our constant coexistence with one-sided and narrow-minded individuals restricts our view. However, everyone can have a preference to watch life from the top. This choice depends on which way you look at it. Of course, everyone may have different views, different ideas, and the principles they adopt. The important thing is that you can choose and see the ones that are most suitable for you and most compatible with your mind, heart and life. It is just like choosing a career. You can understand what you need to focus on during your education life, and those who choose the right profession will watch the view from the top. Those who decide according to the point of view of the people, do not have an opinion of their own, so they realize what others want, which is a situation that prevents them from going forward and being successful in that profession. The person should find himself by reflecting all the knowledge and habits he has acquired into his perspective. He should look at life through his own window, respecting everyone's opinion. Only in this way can he achieve real success and view the landscape from a wide angle.

Our perspective plays a huge role in our lives. The more a person expands his perspective, the more he adopts the decisions he will make, the ideals he will hold against life, and by doing useful works, he becomes a useful individual for himself and his environment.

Our stance in the face of an event can be different for everyone. We can evaluate the same event by looking at it from different aspects, such as teacher and student, parent and child, or our best friend. In this sense, the most important factor in looking at situations differently is social status. Our social rights and responsibilities, our needs and expectations for life, and our duties differ. For someone, reading a quality book is the goal achieved, while for someone else, a good place and drinking quality coffee may be much more important. Everyone has different items they want to take from life. If we take the example of the book and coffee above as a baseline example, it is possible to enlarge such examples. Some may want to live in a mansion, and for others, a small house may be sufficient. Within these wishes and expectations, our perspective towards life in our interests can also show versatility.

Social learned learnings also affect our perspective. The norms and values ​​we acquire also play a significant role in our perspective.

Knowing that everyone can have different perspectives in the face of social events and certain situations that develop around us, watching the environment with a sufficiently expanded perspective on this issue and realizing that everyone has different views and thoughts will enable us to respect our surroundings.

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