Weekend at Aunt's / Feasting

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2 years ago
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After two weeks of Enhanced Movement Control Order (EMCO) in Malaysia, I could go out again. I am still on guard as the Covid-19 cases are still high, so the only thing I could think of was to visit my aunt. She is an elderly staying alone, so I wanted to make sure she is fine. And I guess a short video for us to chit chat would brighten up her already-very-brighten soul. Of course, before I dropped by her house, I did inform her days before. As usual, she would invite me over for lunch because she loves to cook.

Come, come and enjoy the feast!

She told me in the phone before she hung up. It is glad that just a row opposite her house is a mini-market for her to buy groceries. She didn't prefer us to help her buy because she said she needed to choose on her own what she wanted as in what vegetables she wanted that week, so on and so forth. And recently, there will be a truck selling vegetables, fruits and fish which will come at a certain time at where she stays for community there to buy vegetables, fruits and fish.

Let's have a look at my aunt's feasting table

Wahhhhh....did you drool? 🤤😊

She always looks forward to cook for us and when she gets the opportunity, she will do it grand. Smart me, I chose to skip breakfast so that I have ample space in stomach to put all these in. Were all the food for only two of us? Of course not, she had prepared tiffin carriers for packing, and I would bring back for the rest of them - husband and the two boys. Let's zoom in.

Pan fry prawns and chicken nuggets

The prawns....oh-la-la, so juicy and fresh. And sweet too. Underneath these prawns were the chicken nuggets she made by using chicken breast. She would tenderise the chicken breast and poking it with fork many times to break the muscles, and she pan fry with egg and flour. Very simple recipe, but so yummy. Healthy too.

Hakka-style braised pork

This dish is Hakka-style, where the red fermented beancurd was used as the main ingredients. The pork slices were braised in the gravy, together with the peanuts which had been soften by soaking overnight. The whole dish was so yummy especially the flavourful gravy.

Mixed Vegetables

This was my aunt's must-have dish once a week. Sometimes, she added meat inside but for this round, we already had other meat dishes, so she figure did not need to add meat. There were cherry tomatoes, peas, Cauliflower, baby corns, and Enoki mushrooms. She stirred fry them with some sesame oil and ginger, garlic and oyster sauce. Delicious too!

Stir Fry Spinach

I can never cook a yummy spinach like her. She always cooked spinach with anchovies broth which she boiled earlier, making this dish so flavourful and tasty. Of course before added in broth, she stirred fry some ginger and garlic first to create the fragrant oil, then add in the spinach and broth, cooked till the desired softness.

Walnut Brain Soup

Lastly, this was a healthy soup called Brain Soup. Why she called it brain soup was because she added walnuts into the Chinese herbal soup. She usually boiled this type of soup with pork ribs for 3 hours. In the soup, there are red dates, Solomon's seal, codonopsis root, wolfberries and other Chinese herbs. We always love a bowl of warm soup when wr eat rice with other dishes.

Tummy Yum Yum Full!

My tummy was so full, she offered me some ice cream but I had to refuse because there was no more space left in my stomach. She moved on to pack the food and shoo-ed me away so that I could be back home early to serve the lunch for the rest of the family. We are so blessed to have such kind and caring aunty. ❤️

Till then, take care.


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2 years ago
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Okay first of all............. Yes!!! it did make me drool I mean just looking at the pictures are making me feel starved...........................your aunt really knows how to cook....................it looks sooo good!!!!!!!!!

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2 years ago