The Rays Of Sun

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3 years ago

If you were ever being sick on a sick bed for months, you would really appreciate the rays of sun. You would let all the rays absorbed into every cells and sinews within. If can, no matter how warm it was, you would want to get near the sun.

I thought back on the days when my son was ill at Intensive Unit Care. 4 months felt like 4 thousand years. Not a single day went by without us praying for him to survive the congenital disease CDH. The rays of sun gave us hope. Each new day when the sun shone into the ward and his heart was still beating, oxygenation still at 92-96%, we were thankful for hope.

We heard before the monotonous dead sound of another patient, and we saw them took her away. It was a young girl involved in accident and couldn't make it. They cried. We cried too. The family cried as the nurses took away all the machines. Those were the last memories.

The rays of sun each day continued to give us hope. The beeping sound of the machines means he was alive. There were up and downs. The most fearful one was when his lungs collapsed and that moment doctors asked us to go out so that they could perform little 'diagnosis' on him, sort of resuscitation.

At this playground, just nearby his ward, my husband and I prayed for our son's life. Here, the rays of sun never failed to shine hope unto us. It caused us to look up and to surrender. It made us realised life was fragile and never in our hands to control. Dead or alive - we knew we had laid it down on the throne. It was no longer ours to say or ask.

We looked up and the rays smiled at us. Even the leaves on the trees swayed left to right as though dancing in joy.

Husband got a call. It was from the ICU ward. My heart missed abit, hoping for the best, preparing for the worst.

They managed to save his lungs. They were working again and back to stable. We thanked the rays of sun.

We headed back to the ward with a different countenance. We knew deep inside it, whether alive or dead, we still want to praise God for life. Because here on earth, we just passed by. One day, it will be eternity, where the rays of sun would be golden and glorious.

Up till today, our son is still surviving CDH. He is alive and happy despite slower in growth and development. We see him each day with hearts of thanksgiving because he is a walking miracle.



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3 years ago