Malay-cuisine lunch / Gulai Salai Itik

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Sumptous lunch with 'gulai' smoked duck and 'pucuk tempoyak'

Sharing food with husband is the best. He always bought back food that will make me saliva-drooling. The main dish here was smoked duck with duck egg cooked in chilli coconut milk sauce/gravy.

Gulai Salai Itik

We called it Gulai Cili Salai Itik. Gulai is curry-like gravy, not 100% curry but similar. Usually the blend of spices will contain turmeric, coriander, fennel, ginger, onion, garlic, cayenne or chilli (if want it to be hot and spicy), the blend will be stirred fry with oil to enhance the fragrance, then coconut milk will be added in, together with lemongrass and a little tamarind paste if you want it to be a little sourish.

I especially like bamboo shoot gulai (vegetarian), very yummy on its own with rice. Although some of my friend can't stand the smell of the bamboo shoot. We usually eat this smoked duck gulai with rice, because of its yummy gravy which is very delicious when soaked into rice plus it can be very spicy. Do not be bluffed by the friendly yellow colour. 🥵 My lips was burning while eating yet I wanted more - more sips of the gravy. What a dilemma.

From the photo, you can see the rice was packed with one type of vegetables, we called it 'pucuk' or some type of vegetables shoot, this pucuk is cooked in 'tempoyak'. 'Tempoyak' is a Malay condiment made from fermented durian. Not everyone loves it but we love it to the max. Besides the 'pucuk tempoyak' is steamed brinjal in chilli paste.

Both us were silent throughout the lunch time because it was completely delicious and super hot fiery fiesty. Haha. If my husband would buy again, I would ask him to pack one more pack of rice for me. It wasn't enough sharing the rice this round.

So, after reading this food blog, will you want to try the smoked duck 'gulai' and the 'pucuk tempoyak'?

Come to Malaysia, Singapore, or Indonesia or Philippines, you will find this sort of food.

Pucuk Tempoyak with rice

Thank you for reading.


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