Blessed 9th Birthday to my Champion!

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1 year ago

We started our day watching a video of Jansen (my CDH survivor champion) at ICU, after a successful surgery, still fighting for his life to stay alive. Despite tubes around him, he was blinking his eyes, trying his best to open his eyes to look around, to look at his daddy.

I showed Jansen the video and he exclaimed, "Wow, I am so cute!"

As curious as he was back then, he is still the same. His curiosity, together with his creativity and imagination, makes him really animated, bold in his own way, mischievous and delightful. He is a keen learner, always trying his best in everything. He is indeed a walking miracle. We are so proud of him every single day.

Proud to be 9 years old

He had a few celebrations; one is combined celebration with his cousin who turned 8 years old, one at home and another one at dining out.

During the combined celebration at my in-laws, the boys got to swim first, followed by cakes cutting and then dinner. Everyone had great time. It was our honour also to have my father-in-law prayed for the two birthday boys. The dinner we bought from a Chinese-muslim shop was super appetizing too.

The following day, when we celebrated at home, we went to McDonald for breakfast meal. And then followed by simple celebration at home with two slices of cakes as well as his favourite ice cream pint.

At night, we went out for dinner to celebrate him again. Went to Jamaica Blue as he wanted carbonara pasta. After that, we went to Chizu for chocolate cheese drinks and croissants.

It was indeed a great celebration for him. He has come a long way, from relying on breathing machine to without, from 100% tubefeeding to able to eat now with occasional tubefeeding. We are so proud of him. He is a walking miracle!!!

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1 year ago