Launching My Cryptocurrency Fund on Genesis Vision that anyone can join

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3 years ago

Disclaimer: This is not a investment advice. As always, do your own research on topics related to anything written on this article before putting your money anywhere

Hello Cash readers (and anyone that find this article around)!

It's been a while since the last time i wrote around here, i know, but i have been working on some projects, but mostly using this pandemics time to improve my knowledge about financial markets in general (soon to be a certified investment advisor).

One of these projects i have been working on is related to an older article i wrote about a platform/project called Genesis Vision, that allows anyone to use cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, USDT, and GVT) to create a cryptocurrency fund and/or invest in other people funds/trading.

I think this concept is really amazing, because usually, to join a good investment fund you need a non-negligible amount of cash, a bank account, KYDC and some extra bureaucracy.

With Genesis Vision you can see the whole history of an user created fund, what is the asset composition, it's past profitability, and risk/reward indicators (Sharpe ratio, Calmar ratio and Sortino ratio), and you can withdraw your investment at any moment you want to.

And you can join one that you like with the minimum investment of only 5 USD!

Also, it is important to notice that this isn't a type of DeFi system, and you will have to deposit the cryptocurrency into your account on the platform, wich you don't have access to the private keys. As any other investment on the cryptocurrency world, only use funds you are comfortable in risking.

How Genesis Vision Work

After creating an account on the Genesis Vision platform, you will be able to see 3 types of investments:


Leverage the expertise of seasoned traders while keeping control of your capital. Just choose a program and Genesis Vision will automatically copy the trades from your account. You will be able to withdraw your investment or exit trades at any point in time.

Here you can subscribe and follow the exact trades some else do on the platform.

Every time a position is opened by the user that created the follow program, your account will automatically execute the same trade from your account, with your own funds.

The creators of these programs will receive a percentage (set by them) for each profitable trade and/or for each opened position.


Invest your money with the peace of mind of knowing that a manager’s track record is stored on the blockchain. Select investment programs that suit your personal profile and let the manager do the work for you. You will be able to withdraw your investment or profits only at the predefined intervals.

Programs are a bit similar from Follow, but instead of making trades with the money from your own account, you add your money to a "pool" where the manager of the program will use to the total amount of money to trade.

The manager of the program will have that total amount of funds to trade for a set period of time, after wich, all investors can take their money back.

When, during the set period, the program closes at a profit, a percentage of the total profit (not the total funds) is paid to the program manager.

If there is a loss, the manager don't get anything.

Also, it is interesting to notice that, while the manager is using other people assets to trade, he isn't able to freely move these assets, and can only use them to trade inside the Genesis Vision trading platform.


Diversify your capital across hundreds of cryptocurrencies in one click. Select a fund with a composition that matches your opinion on the market and let the manager readjust while the market evolves. You retain full control of your investment. You can withdraw your capital at any time.

With this option, with only 5 USD, you can join a fund, where the total amount of money on the fund will be distributed among a basket of cryptocurrencies defined by the fund manager.

You can find all types of funds here, from one that is 100% on only one coin, to others that focus on one specific "area" of cryptocurrency solutions, life DeFi coins for example.

It is a good options for those who want to have an exposition to cryptocurrencies beyond bitcoin, but don't want to take a lot of time to resarch all of the options that exist.

An important part (beyond understanding how the assets are allocated on each fund) is that you can view the whole performance history of the fund, includind how the coins were distributed, and their risk/reward indicators.

Here is an example from a fund i created (more about it down below):

The cost of the fund is also set by it's manager, where he can define a % on the invested value to be charged from the investor by joining and/or exiting a fund.

This varies a lot from fund to fund, some can even be free to join or to exit.

Different from the programs, you can enter and exit any fund at any time.

3Month Horizon 10Alt Fund

After using the platform since the end of the last year, on the day 07-27 i finally created my own fund.

At first, is mostly an experiment, but also a way for me to learn a bit more about how funds can be managed.

Fortunately, it is having a pretty good start, with a 52% profit on 20 days as can be seen on the picture above (or check here if you want to see an updated situation)

But what this fund is about? As any good investment fund that exists, there must be some fundaments that glue together the reasoning behind each coin chosen for the assets distribution.

Basically, the concept of this fund is to look for 10 altcoins with the best growth potential for the next 3 months.

I use a mix of fundamentals and technical analysis to chose what coins will be featured on the fund, and every month i reevaluate the assets and rearrange them as needed.

Zcash(ZEC) - 39%

Compund(COMP) - 21% - 8%

Aave(LEND) - 7%

Band Protocol(BAND) - 7%

Chromia(CHR) - 5%


ICON(ICX) - 3%

Kava(KAVA) - 3%

Ankr(ANKR) - 2%

Genesis Vision Token(GVT) - 1%

In two weeks, i will be reevaluating this composition and realocating as indicated by my personal analysis.

Anyway, this post got already a bit too long, but my idea is to create a weekly report here, so i can measure how good my strategy is, and even hear from any of you opinions about that i should look at the next relocation (wich will happen in two weeks)

See you ppl around!

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