What can I do to spread the word about BCH in my country?

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What can I do to spread the word about BCH in my country?

Hello everyone, Today I was looking into my Facebook, and noticed that BCH is not much popular here in my country (Brazil)

The fact is, Bitcoin is really popular, there is a Big group on Facebook and some websites that work exclusively with BTC, this also applies to some stores that I've met.

I was looking into some social medias, youtube, Facebook, reddit and more.

In Brazil, the most popular Cryptocurrencies are: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash and Nano, why BCH is so underrated here? The Biggest Bitcoin Group on Facebook has more than 150k members and the Biggest BCH group has less than 2k.

Reading some post I found that people like more NANO and LTC due to the small fees that they can send money everywhere without paying so much, this not happens with BTC.

So, small fees, cryptocurrency, descentralized, why not BCH?

There is not any initiative here to spread the word, even the facebooks groups are slowly, with posts of months ago, I think that the most Important thing to do is to be active, sharing news, talking about it, creating meetups, channels that people can find information, talk and see how BCH is really good and is a better alternative to Bitcoin.

Why is Important to Grow the BCH adoption in Brazil ?

1. Young population (average age is 32 yo)

2. High proportion of crypto holders (8.2% of the total population- More than 16 Million)

3. Legal crypto exchanges with links to local banks, withdraw, deposits, easy and fast.

4. Cryptocurrency Friendly until now, we can even pay bills, like Electricity bills with cryptocurrency ( BTC, LTC, ETH, DASH, again, Why not BCH?)

5. Widespread mobile/online banking (82%)

6. Highest cryptocurrency trading volumes in Latin America, topping nearly 100,000 BTC / Month.

7. Cryptocurrency events and Conferences, but mostly all related only to Bitcoin.

And more...

So I need to start and do something, The easy ones, Portuguese posts, and a Facebook group dedicated to BCH with constant posts and updates (Facebook is the platform where the major part of crypto users are in), so the first step is easy and I'll be starting right now.

After that, I can create some dedicated subreddit or something like that, and maybe a blog dedicated only to shared news about BCH in Portuguese.

The next step is to create some Meet Ups, this one is the hardest one, to do things like that I'll need to spend money, BCH, get some places to talk about it and share some stickers, satoshis, or anything that can be good.

I'm newbie on that, Never did things like that before, but BCH needs a bigger space here, we have one of the biggest crypto communities and markets right now.

I'll try, and do my best, for that I want to know, tips, what I can do? Ideas, places, things to do, how to share, how to begin, anything that can help me to spread the word.

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