We are the generation that gave new meaning to the meaning of happiness

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2 years ago

We are the generation that gave new meaning to the meaning of happiness

Yeah, Let me explain...

It is not new that minimalism is the new black nowadays.

Many people are realizing the connection that exists between living with less and freedom, and the minimalist movement is nothing less than a reflection of a society tired of finding meaning only in consumerism and the perfect life model they sold to us.

The truth is that we are tired, we work to buy things we don't need and it was the consumer society that sold us this idea. We think that we need to live in a big house to be happy, that we need to always be in the latest fashion, drive the year's car and change cell phones constantly.

However, this is already part of the past for many people. The current is different and many people have standardized to the world the real meaning of the word happiness, like the digital nomads.

The young people of our generation see success in a different way. The generation of our parents and grandparents only consider someone successful if they have their own house and at least one car. Our generation prefers to have experiences and live a more meaningful life.

Being a digital nomad is having a lifestyle based, above all, on the freedom to come and go and not disappear, not only of material things but getting rid of this limiting system that they spent their entire lives telling us to be right. Being a digital nomad is living outside the box, it's knowing that we need a lot less to be happy, it's not being content with a job that doesn't inspire us and being able to take a vacation only once a year.

Digital nomadism teaches that we should not be afraid of Sunday, as it is a day like any other and that Mondays need not be synonymous with anguish. Anguish to be living a life that doesn't make you happy.

Many young people today no longer want to own their car, let alone spend 30 years paying for a house of their own. They prefer to invest their time and money in experiences and, if there is one thing that the nomadic life teaches, it is that our time is sacred and that we refer to it with wisdom and respect. Yes, respect. How can we expect happiness to come to our doorstep if we spend more than half of our life doing something that doesn't make us excited?

Being a digital nomad shows us that a new way of life is possible, minimalism. We don't need so much and when we learn to live without unnecessary baggage, we discover the true meaning of living with a purpose. The more things we have, the more we need to work in order to maintain the standard and we end up entering an endless vicious cycle.

To see life in this way, it is necessary not only to let go of things but also to limiting beliefs. It's okay for you to quit the job that pays your bills but doesn't let you sleep. It's okay to start over and risk being happy. Life is not a competition, but what it expects of us is courage. There are many ways to make a living without having to be locked in an office. In fact, many digital nomads earn much more money than they did when they worked in a fixed office because they created a job that makes them happy and allows for a less stressful lifestyle. Those who work happily naturally do a better job and consequently earn more.

Being a digital nomad and having the courage to say “no” to a system that has identified itself as increasingly flawed (The same we do by using BCH), is to have the courage not to be a consumer in a world so lost. It's embracing life in its entirety, knowing that we need little to feel ourselves notice and find a perfect communion between work, purpose, and happiness. Because, yes, it is possible to be happy working with what we like. Yes, it is possible to earn a lot of money working with geographic freedom. Yes, it is possible to have a successful career without having to be closed in an office.

The rush of today's world does not even allow us to choose something that makes our hearts beat faster. Many people study things they don't like and spend their whole lives working without an ounce of lust, just to fulfill expectations and try to fit into a model, which many times was not even made for us. And there's no problem with that!

The world needs bold people, people who have the courage to challenge the “right”, who do things with love and inspire others more and more to follow the voice of their hearts. Our intuition always knows the way, but we insist on silencing it, we insist on listening to others much more than to ourselves.

Being a digital nomad is more than a lifestyle. It's about deconstructing everything we've always been told, giving new meaning to life and work, and discovering that more minimalist ways of living can be a great choice. Being minimalist is not about having little money; it's having money, but not necessarily having to spend it buying a bunch of stuff that will make our lives heavy. It's realizing that having things is nice, but that we don't need them to be happy. It's learning a lesson that we'll take with us for the rest of our lives - happiness is not only in things; it lives inside us.

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2 years ago


Happiness should be gotten from a right feeling not material things only. Love how you bisected this analogy... Kudos

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