Some Reasons why being a digital nomad is brave

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Lately, a phrase has been stamped on different profiles on social networks and is used to address different issues: “What life expects of us is courage”. But have you ever stopped to think about the real meaning of it? After all, what is it to live with courage?

Courage is much more than doing extreme sports or “living life dangerously”. Having courage is knowing that the comfort zone is just another illusion that holds us back and prevents us from living our purpose. Courage is answering the calls of the soul, those who always know the right way, it is not content with a lukewarm life, it is knowing that we can make mistakes, fall, get hurt, but we will never give up on living a life with intensity and full of meaning. And it is in this sense that being a digital nomad is being courageous and that is why we have prepared this list:

1. We don't need anyone's approval

The more we are concerned with meeting the expectations of others, the further we distance ourselves from happiness. We have to live our lives for ourselves and no one else, but that is not quite what the traditional work system teaches, as it is all the time stifling our own will. Being a digital nomad is having the courage to live a life that makes you happy and if others agree, that's good. But if not, that's fine. After all, who pays your bills?

2. We are not afraid of going against the system

Make no mistake: there is no problem with not fitting into a sick society. Every human being is a real universe, with different stories, dreams, and expectations. The attempt to box us in and make us believe that everyone should be the same reduces us and limits us too much. Many people fit perfectly into the society we live in and that's a good thing. Live the differences! But what about those who don't feel part of it? We don't see this as a problem. Quite the opposite! If you don't fit in anywhere, create your own modus operandi.

3. We don't need a boss to be productive

Many digital nomads continue to work for companies and have bosses, but they work remotely. But, many decide to undertake or work as self-employed and this proves that the maxim that we always need to be answering to someone and that we need strict schedules and routines to get a good result, is false. With focus and discipline, everyone can live without a boss and earn money and if that's not an act of courage then what?

4. We proved that you can be happy working, yes!

From a young age we've been conditioned to believe that work is boring and boring and because of that, unfortunately, many people choose their profession based on money and not personal aptitude or love of something, which is sad. The Chinese thinker Confucius knew this for over 2000 years when he said, "Choose a job you love and you'll never have to work a day in your life." We trust this and we are sure that when we work with something we believe in and when we love what we do, work becomes much more than a source of income, but a source of happiness and satisfaction.

5. We are not afraid of changes

One of the best things you will do for yourself is to understand that life is a constant movement. Knowing how to swim according to the waves, understanding that one day we will have to swim against the current, but the next we will be gently carried, will make your walk easier. Life is not static and trying to hold onto models, thoughts and patterns only make things more difficult. It's as if digital nomads find it easier to accept changes, either because they were born with an adventurous spirit, sometimes because they learned by living.

6. We learn to hear our inner call

Perhaps there is no act of courage greater than responding to the voice of the heart and living a life-based and grounded in our intuition. When we let ourselves be carried away by the madness and rush of everyday life, we don't stop to think about what we really want out of life and what makes us feel good and that's exactly where the danger lies. Because when we don't ponder and don't take breaks, we go on automatic, and then a lifetime passes in the blink of an eye. Being a digital nomad is having the courage to live according to our heart, even if it's difficult, even if it goes against everything we've always been taught.

7. We follow an ideal

We need to dispel the myth that digital nomads don't need, don't want, or don't like money. This is not true and we have proven that through digital nomadism you can earn much more than having a formal contract, for several reasons. But there is a difference between digital nomads and other people: we work for an ideal, for something we believe in and we put so much love into it, that the money comes naturally. Money for us is a consequence and not an end. The purpose is always and always will be to be happy working with freedom. When we have the determination to work for an ideal we believe in, we are showing the world the real meaning of an act of courage.

8. We are not afraid of making mistakes

The more we are afraid of making mistakes, the more we make mistakes. Einstein already said that: “A person who has never made mistakes has never tried anything new” and that is exactly what we believe. Maybe things don't work out right at the beginning, maybe you need to start again, but it's making mistakes that we learn and making mistakes that we reach perfection. We don't see mistakes as signs that we need to stop, quite the opposite. It's good that we can be aware of how and why we make mistakes so that we can improve. Mistakes are opportunities!

9. We are not afraid to start again

Many digital nomads have had to drop their old professions and start from scratch and this is usually not easy, but sometimes we need to take a step back so that we can take two steps forward. Life is not a race, much less competition, and it's okay for you to leave behind years of the well-established profession to start drawing a blank page. The problem is accepting and continuing to live a life that no longer has any meaning for you. Start as many times as necessary. There is a beauty in starting over, which is that dream we will never let die.

10. We are eternal dreamers

We dream of a better society, where everyone is happy doing what they like and we will never stop believing in it. We are sure that every big dream always starts in the mind of a dreamer and that is what inspires us every day and that has inspired more and more people around the world. People, like us, have discovered that we can and should live life according to our own values. Courage is living life as we always dreamed of, without worrying about other people's approval. Courage is to pursue our ideal and build our own system, showing the world that work and happiness can and must coexist!

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In life we experience both ups and downs. But if we really want to put our heads high despite the storm, everything will be at hand. It takes time, effort, courage, and self-determination. Actually its us who make the choice.☺️ You've got a nice work..👍

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2 years ago

We fall and rise... To be great in life you raise yourself up when you fall.

It takes self control to be courageous and articulate. Wonderful piece you've got here 👏 🙌

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2 years ago