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2 years ago

Being happy is what we all want. If we manage to accomplish a few small things, we certainly leave ourselves more open to the entry of happiness into our lives.

Just a little attitude (even mental) at the exact moment we want to overcome a negative feeling or situation.

The tips below will be very useful to put into practice the habit of being happy. Check out:

1. Embrace the idea that life is a wonderful adventure

By looking at life as an adventure in which you are the protagonist, you put yourself in a position to believe in yourself. Appreciate the fact that life is filled with interesting discoveries and experiences. Let go of your need for security and rigidity. See problems and difficulties as challenges to be overcome. Start to privilege the feeling of being alive. Connect with the idea that adventure brings the opportunity to experience the unknown, the novelty, the source of wonder that we have inside us.

2. Embrace positive thoughts

If you “catch yourself” giving a leash to negative thoughts, immediately change your mind, recalling nice and positive events. Change focus. A negative thought, fertilized and constantly reminded, can turn into such a terrible monster to the point of taking you to a spiritual and/or mental “death” and even reaching serious psychological disorders. Just pick up the positive thoughts from your memory, and you will see how your self-esteem and happiness will grow immensely.

3. Embrace your little SELF like a helpless teddy bear (your limits, fears, shame, guilt)

Accept that your EGO is a small-thinking part of you. He is not able to see the greatness of your great SELF and is all the time putting you in dramas, comparing you to others, giving you the feeling of powerlessness and not being good enough. Have compassion for him and understand that it is only a part of you that can be understood and accepted for what it is: full of fears, limits and shame, useless for your inner evolution.

4. Embrace your big self

That SELF is the one you have to embrace and never doubt your ability to rise above and improve forever. It is the divine part of you, which is connected with the primordial essence of the universe. A well of infinite power. Where you should bathe constantly, to believe in yourself, without giving up on your dreams. Stop comparing yourself to others, and focus on what you have and where you want to go.

5. Embrace personal development

You need to constantly remind yourself that you have an Ego and an Observer in you. And you must always remember that you are not the Ego, and that you can access your greatest creative power. I know this conversation may sound very philosophical, but it is nothing more than an option to pursue if you want to reach a state of happiness most of your time. Commitment to the evolution of oneself is essential to understand that pain and suffering are part of life, but that they can be seen as lessons to be learned. This evolution helps you understand that you don't have to limit yourself to what you are. It is the awareness that you can go further and always expand your field of action.

6. Embrace stepping out of your comfort zone

It is a very important skill to develop for those who want to take charge of their own lives and do what they want. To accomplish things you've never accomplished – like being happy most of your time – you need to do things differently from what you're used to doing. The more we manage to put ourselves in uncomfortable situations, the more our mind and body are flexible and able to go after what we want.

7. Embrace the present moment

Now is all you have. For Eckhart Tolle it is important to ask himself: is there happiness, ease, and lightness in what I am doing? If not, life will be perceived as a burden, as a struggle, or suffering. That is why it is essential to do things with the present awareness, paying attention to what each moment can offer you, because even in emotionally difficult situations, there is always an important lesson to learn.

8. Embrace the idea that pain is part of the process of being happy

Without darkness, it is not possible to have light. Of course, we're not happy all the time, and it wouldn't be possible. But this post wants to show you that it's possible to go through the pain and suffering from a vision of the process. These are states in which you find yourself. And if you take them on as passengers, as part of a process towards happiness, you take them off literally (or much more easily than you normally do). Let the pain pass you by, with the awareness that it is momentary suffering and that you are not the pain (it is just something you are experiencing, that it passes and goes away).

9. Embrace forgiveness

forgive want to say to get rid of negative charges that we carry in relation to people or situations that hurt us. This charge hinders us because it makes us feel bad, and this creates resistance to the flow of life. An obstacle to the state of fluidity and happiness. The act of forgiving is nothing more than stopping thinking about the person or situation in a negative way (I'm not saying it's an easy process). This doesn't mean that you should approve of the behavior of the other who hurt you, but just make sure that this memory doesn't disturb you anymore, doesn't give you more emotional disturbance. It's also important to forgive yourself when you make mistakes.

10. Embrace love

You don't have to do everything, but do what your heart speaks. As Joanna Macy would say, “Effective actions come from love. it is unlimited and it is enough”. Rest assured that in essence, we are love and purity. Love everyone a priori, without judging. For those who act in bad faith, apply your love through understanding and compassion. Be aware of the acts of love and compassion around you. Open up to giving, receiving, and realizing all the love there is in this life. This will definitely make you happier!

11. Embrace gratitude

Giving thanks warms our hearts and opens the door for the arrival of small miracles around you. Make peace with where and where you find yourself. Notice what positive things you can see about the things around you, and focus on them instead of continuing to whine about the things you don't like. Remember the good things that happened during your day. And before complaining about anything, remember 3 to say thanks.

12. Embrace nature

Just the fact of noticing the wonders of nature gives us enough elements to increase our level of happiness. If you make a habit of it, you will automatically be happier. Therefore, open yourself to the gifts that nature, at all times, offers you. When in times of difficulty, go for a walk in nature. Observe with curiosity a beautiful landscape, a sunset, rain, flowers, insects, etc. As if you were once again that curious child who marvels at exploring the world. This makes the days lighter and more enjoyable. Be aware that the world is constantly giving you a chance to smile! And he really is! And literally, HUG A TREE!

What's up? Have you been embracing these things? Tell in the comments which ones you want to hug. I'll love to know and I'll answer every one!

I also leave the hint that your personal development is the greatest gift you can give yourself. Serious.

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2 years ago


I have always believed that; Embracing positive thoughts Practice forgiveness Embrace love Be grateful for everything Leave out of your comfort zone Accepting that you can never change anything but you can choose to change who you want to become. All these are ideas to imbibe to live a happy life.

Without all of these, then you are still in the cage of unhappiness and you don't need that for yourself. Thanks for sharing.

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2 years ago

This is very precise.....but If you want to be must first ask your self ..."who am I" this is where many people get it can only be Happy if you find peace in your self

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2 years ago

Embracing is the key!☺️

We can definitely be happy if trust and embrace its process as it is. Thank you for this one..

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2 years ago

I think embracing the process is really important. Knowing that you have to go through some uncomfortable times to get to the good ones :)

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2 years ago

Truly the greatest gift we can present ourselves is personal development. Embracing that pain is part of the process of being happy. Thanks for the post.

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2 years ago