How Bitcoin can be the currency of freedom if a normal person can't use it?

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2 years ago

Bitcoin Is not for us, one transaction can cost 15% (or more) of a Brazilian Minimum Wage.

Bitcoin is losing is space day by day, some countries is not worth to have Bitcoin anymore, for some people of course, a 10$ average fees can be ok, but here 10$ is equal to 5% of our minimum wage.

Some day ago we reached some higher fees(once again) and an average fee reached 30$+, is amount is around 15% of a Brazilian minimum wage, so, how Bitcoin can be the currency of freedom if a normal person can't use it?

However, the difficult adjustments happen every 2016 block, which can take more than two weeks. In recent days, the network has noticed the longest gap between two blocks in almost 10 years, when block 679,786 took two hours to find.

For several moments of congestion, the lowest possible rate you could pay to confirm your transaction on the next block was more than 266 sat / vB (satoshis per virtual bytes), as the Mempool Space reported in April 19 tweet.

Performing only 7 transactions, a Brazilian would spend a minimum wage to pay for the service of the miners. And if Bitcoin were adopted en masse, the demand for space in the blocks would raise rates even further.

Do you remember that? We need to change it to BCH.

And considering the growing price of BTC, it is normal for us to notice an increasing network rate in reais or dollars. It is for these and other reasons that on-chain transactions are not enough.

Lightning? Block increase? Bitcoin Cash Already has everything you need, and the bitcoin community doesn't like changes, looks like is better to make bitcoin worst than using a bank.

Not only Bitcoin, maybe we can try Ethereum?

Well, it's being worth on the ETH Side, I don't understand how many people that those coins will be the future, that bring applications, decentralization, usability, for real, which usability if I need to pay 30$ in one transaction?

"The Internet of Money should not cost 5 cents per transaction." -Vitalik Buterin ( is he talking about BCH?)

Now let's check something cool, Bitcoin Cash reached 1100$ a few days ago, and guess what? fees were still less than cents, so what are the excuses now?

Bitcoin Cash is the cryptocurrency for our everyday use, pay for anything without the need to worry about fees, I don't want to pay 30$ in fees to buy a Soda of 2$ lol.

The currency of freedom needs to be fast, cheap, and it is BITCOIN CASH!

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2 years ago


Very simple Bitcoin is Bitcoin Cash BCH and the real programmable money is also BCH thanks to smartBCH and Bitcoin Cash is the real store of value because first is peer to peer currency, second programmable money and as a result of those 2 it also has become a store of value.

Vitalik wanted to code what Ethereum does today in Bitcoin but the Bitcoin Core developers didn't let him.

Bitcoin Cash is the Bitcoin that Vitalik wanted to use just before he created Ethereum, and in the future Bitcoin Cash will takeover not only Bitcoin Core but also Ethereum as well.

Bitcoin Cash is implementing smartBCH and anyhedge protocols which means that ETH must hurry with eth 2.0 otherwise Bitcoin Cash with its low fees will blow it out of the water.

Once the miners realize the momentum of BCH they will move back to BCH and zero conf will once again be secure does it will kill coins like XRP, and nano, and many fast cheap transaction altcoins, and privacy coins are next in the list with coin fusion and coin shuffle.

That is why Bitcoin Cash is so hated because it makes almost every other altcoin useless at some point, if you have a Bitcoin that works you don't need many altcoins, and the Bitcoin that actually works is called Bitcoin BCH.

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2 years ago