Brazil - Cryptocurrencies and Inflation a Real Example

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Found this on Reddit and added some info, Brazil, we are not in a good time.

The exchanges here in my country, they base the Bitcoin price in US$ dollar, they just convert it to R$ Real. At that time, 1 BTC = R$ 29.350, now days 1 BTC = R$ 55.500. This means that my original R$ 1.000 is now almost at R$ 1.900! That’s because Brazil is in a really bad political and economic situation and the price of the dollar is all times high, making R$ Real devalued.

That’s when it hit me. Now I understand why people on nations that is f*cking their money up to buy BTC, it saves it from inflation! Recently the Halving happen and it hit me again, Bitcoin and Bitcoincash are deflationary money! Every day it becomes a scarce resource, but the demand is the same, making the price go up! 

Bitcoin is not the future, it’s the present! It puts me in the control of my wealth instead of a bunch of incompetent nations and politicians!

BCH cash happened the same

BCH was 400$ at this time and Price in REALR$ was: 1200R$

NOW BCH is around 245$ and the price in REALR$ is 1396R$

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