BitcoinCash Brazil 1º month

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4 years ago

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BitcoinCash Brazil 1º month

Hello everyone, I'm here today to share some good news with all the BitcoinCash community.

The reports were being done weekly until the end of the first month, now we have reached the first month of our group and with this, the reports will start being created 1 time per month.

As you may know in some previous posts I've started working to build a BCH community in my country(Brazil) and I've been posting about it with some updates.

We really got a few members (40 right now) and the number is slowly increasing.

The interactions inside the group is so far really good, the group is small and we have posted every day

Today we have 40 members, unfortunately, the number didn't increase this week due to a few factors, almost 20 people were banned and rejected to enter the group, them main Reason is spamming, once they got in the group the first post was spam, so I'll only let legit member and people to join the group, we can talk about almost everything in the group, but spam is not tolerated.

we have on queue more than 35 invited by our members, the number is increasing slowly and I'm trying to bring more people to talk, share news, thoughts, create discussions and be part of the Bitcoin Cash community.

PS** The number could be more, but I've already Banned almost 40 in the previous weeks those people were making spam and sharing some strange links.

I'm already working in some FB Ads Which I should be starting after we reach 1 month of our group.

Have a great week everyone, and let's spread the word.

BCH to the moon.

You can join the BitcoinCash Brazil Group

And we are on Telegram too:

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4 years ago


Yeah! BCH to the moon really! Kudos to you people for the good job being done in Brazil. Please don't forget to capture the neighborhood of Brazil in the long run. Keep doing the good job.

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4 years ago