Anything can make you rich, you just need to know how to sell it

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2 years ago

Hey everyone, today I was thinking about something cool, I believe that anything can make you rich, anything can be sold, but you just need to know how you can do it.

The first thing I saw that made me think about it was this:

You can send shit, YEAH, anonymously to anyone and even paying in cryptocurrency, those guys sell shit, to normal people, they had a funny Idea and it works. if you know how to sell you can be a millionaire even selling shit. LOL

"Imagine all the people
who annoy you the most.

An irritating colleague. Schoolteacher. Your ex-wife. Filthy boss. Jealous neighbor. That successful former classmate. Or all those pesky haters."

another thing that sells a lot is credit card covers, something simple, cheap, but it is a nice idea and can make you rich.

Today I have found this one:

People made a lot of money selling face masks, no secrets, but these guys had another Idea, they are selling fake maks, lol, Guess what? Much like all other cloth face masks, these masks do nothing at all - except get you in the stores!

Think about it, anything can make you rich, you just need to have good Ideas and know-how to sell them.

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2 years ago