$2 trillion in one day

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This Monday (20) the market capitalization of all cryptocurrencies dropped to $2 trillion after Bitcoin (BTC) pulled a 7.34% correction in one day, according to CoinGoLive.

Most alternative currencies suffered even more, with numerous projects such as Ethereum (ETH), Cardano (ADA), Ripple (XRP), Solana (SOL) and other double-digit declines on the charts.

Bitcoin drops around R$ 10,000 in 24 hours

After a relatively quiet weekend when Bitcoin (BTC) approached R$250,000, the asset lost more than R$10,000 in just one day.

Bitcoin started to fall on Sunday night and initially dropped to around R$244,000, where it stayed for a while. This morning, the cryptocurrency continued to fall 7.34% in one day.

Who took the opportunity to buy more BTC downtown was the president of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele.


It is important to note that most of the financial field has suffered today, with EU equities and US futures also showing losses. Gold is among the few assets that have increased in value recently.

Bitcoin's market capitalization today was below $850 billion, but dominance rose a notch to 41% as the rest of the market also fell on Monday.


As usually happens when the BTC plummets, alternative currencies have fallen even further. Ethereum (ETH), as the second largest crypto project, leads this adverse trend with a drop of 8.36% to just over R$16,570.

To help push the market down, Cardano (ADA), Ripple (XRP), Solana (SOL) and Polkadot (DOT) fall more than 10% in 24 hours.

The result of the main altcoins since yesterday is the following: Ethereum (-8.36%), Cardano (-10.58%), Binance Coin (-7.12%), Ripple (-11.37%), Solana ( -11.91%), Polkadot (-10.83%), Dogecoin (-9.80%), Avax (-13.39%), Terra (-16.0%), Uniswap (-7.99% ) and Chainlink (-11.54%).

The cumulative market capitalization of all cryptocurrencies stands at $2 trillion as of yesterday.

The reason this point isn't a speech by Elon Musk or the persecution of miners in China – but, it comes from an equivalent country. Like equities, the crypto market reacts to the escalation of the Chinese housing crisis, whose giant Evergrande is again recording heavy losses amid concerns over the power to pay a minimum of some of the $305 billion debt that matures next Thursday. fair (23).

Fears about the impact of the Evergrande case on cryptocurrencies first surfaced last week, when rumors began circulating that Tether (USDT), issuer of the world's largest stablecoin with a capitalization of quite US$69 billion, would hold shares within the Chinese company among the assets that might function backing for the cryptoactive.

Tether, however, soon publicly clarified that it's no cash equivalent or any Evergrande debt. Calm among investors, however, didn't last long and was unable to stop the selloff on global stock exchanges during this opening week from affecting the worth of cryptocurrencies.

“For a while now, it's not been possible to mention that cryptoactives, especially Bitcoin, aren't a part of the investment universe as a whole”, says Bruno Milanello, executive of latest business at the Bitcoin Market.

According to him, cryptocurrencies are actually more volatile given their young age, but they already follow macro market movements and are subject to events starting from climate, regulatory and rate of interest discussions to cases like Evergrande. “Bitcoin is not any longer a distinct segment thing. it is a truly global asset,” he says.

Ricardo Dantas, CO-CEO of brokerage Foxbit, takes the chance to remind that, within the last big falls, cryptocurrencies had a faster return than traditional assets. “We need to remember that more and more institutional investments are coming to Crypto and this also brings an equivalent fears and impacts for those that are operating”, he says.

In times of instability just like the current one, Bitcoin and other crypto are seen as too risky and are usually liquidated by the foremost cautious investor, who runs into assets like gold or the dollar. Whenever there's an occasion of great importance, whether positive or potentially negative, as within the case of Evergrande, assets considered riskier suffer more thanks to the look for protection also as 'safe haven' or higher quality assets.

we may see the market falling more and more from now, what do you think? time to worry about it, or an opportunity to grab more?

I'm always here when BCH fall I earn more BCH on noise and read cash, I see all of this as an opportunity to stash more crypto, the future is bright.

What to Expect for Bitcoin

Despite the drop, experts interviewed by InfoMoney say that the instant doesn't affect long-term expectations for Bitcoin. Although it currently accumulates quite 10% of losses within the last 30 days, the cryptocurrency still delivers almost 300% of return within the year and, for the more optimistic, it's expected to multiply that number soon.

“In times of turmoil, it's important to recollect the basics of an investment and, so far, Bitcoin's are still intact”, emphasizes the chief of the Bitcoin Market. Dantas, on the opposite hand, assures that “Bitcoin always has got to be seen within the long term”, and understands that the scenario remains needless to say , with strong expectations that a replacement high, above the US$ 65,000 registered in April, could arrive still in 2021.

Several independent analysts point to similarities within the price charts of Bitcoin's past cycles and therefore the current one, raising the likelihood that the utmost would actually be distant . Projections show that the target would be a minimum of $100,000, and will come by the top of the year if there's a catalyst just like the passage of the Bitcoin ETF within the usa.

Everyone remembering the 2008 crisis and afraid that more or less an equivalent thing would happen, but here it's a construction sector and tons of commodity consumers, and this directly affects countries like Brazil. Most reports placed Brazil together of the countries which will be most affected during this regard

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$2 trillion???? Thanks for the update sir. I hope we would earn more on noise and read even as the price falls.

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Thats very informative, at first I thought the market is dipping due to El Salvador again but its Evergrande, I was hoping that market will pump this week cause I have plans for my savings.

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Ah so, this is the cause of the drop. Thanks. And I agree with you. During price drops, we earn more bch here in read and noise

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