Peju's Corner: Keep Pushing Until Your Success Is No More A Dream

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There May Be Doubters, Challenges..... Don't Give Up, Keep Pushing Until Your Success Is No More A Dream

Believe you can and you're halfway there.

- Theodore Roosevelt

If only you can silent every other voice in your head and believe in yourself, then you can achieve the impossible. Our success will stop becoming dreams the day we take that bold step and strive towards achieving it. We shouldn't complain that life is not doing us well because the next person gets his own success with less effort while ours looks so impossible to get. Life is so unpredictable, and the people around us are not helping also, if we are determined then we will keep pushing till the very end. The challenges of life and doubters should only make us more wiser, stronger, and not the other way round.

Reflecting back on those days when i didn't discover this platform, i spent most of my time reading about successful people. I enjoy reading about other people's success stories, it gives me the confident assurance that if they were able to break boundaries of impossibilities, i too can do same. The richest people in the world today did not just happen. I mean people that work so hard for their own wealth and not those ones that inherited it from their families.

If we are opportuned to sit and listen to the stories of this people, it will only centered on how the believed and never gave up on their abilities. Whatever we are doing, we have to stay motivated, if we allow doubter and the challenges of life gets on us, we will not only kill the motivation we had before, we will be reduced to the level where we doubt our own self and our abilities. Reading the experience of other successful people who have been in your position before can help get you back on your feet again.

If we don't believe in ourselves, other people that mean well for us won't believe in us. It may seem unnoticed, but eventually someone out there will always believe and give us all the support to achieving our dreams. We shouldn't wait for that cos it may take a longer period of time, we need to believe and support ourselves first, keep fighting, keep dealing with those negative thoughts, keep appreciating the journey, and above all encourage our selves with positive words that yes we are worthy and capable enough to achieve those dreams.

I am just four months old here, if i was still living behind my fears and doubts, i would have existed the platform in my first week here. I never liked writing, even for a sec, it was so scary to make the decision that i will remain here no matter what. Today i am celebrating, the journey here has earned me 32 subscribers, and 2 amazing sponsors. The numbers is too okay for a beginner like me.....hahaha.

If we care about what doubters say to us, the challenges life throws at us, people who make us second guess our decisions and work, we will be far away from living the life we dream of. Fear of failing, doubts, and obstacles will come, but what will make us stand strong is the believe we have in ourselves, it wins over all negativity. Don't plan to give up on yourself, we have what it takes to make a difference. Our self-belief can level grounds for us to walk on, so lets rise and explore the best in us and walk towards achieving those great unfulfilled dreams.

You Deserve Forgiveness

"When you make a mistake, respond to yourself in a loving way rather than a self-shaming way."

- Ellie Holcomb

Forgiveness not from anybody but our self. If we say we love ourselves, then we should be ready to always forgive ourselves for our mistakes and mess.

You may be wondering what it doesn't cost us much to always blame ourselves for the mess we create. Why it takes less time to get angry with ourselves because we make the wrong decision. Do you know why? A lot of factors cause this, it could be from the pressure the society puts on us, they want us to do things their way, and also the kind of perception we have when it comes to being perfect. So each time we don't live our life according to how the society wants, or we make mistakes in life, it hurts so much and we feel bad about ourselves.

This is where forgiveness comes in if we truely love ourselves. In the process of showing compassion for ourselves, we are being reminded that we are only human, meaning that we are bound to make mistakes both in our actions and speech. Life will be so boring if it actually move in a straight direction. It is just all about admitting how we feel about the moment we are in, and reminding ourselves that no matter what we might have done, we are still worthy of forgiveness.

Before i go on.......I forgive myself for not attending the youth program we had in church today. I felt so bad for my action, and since there's nothing i could do i have to show compassion to myself and move on. I can't be talking about self-love then i am not practicing it, it is a very terrible error.

If God our creator promised to forgive our sins when we accept Him into our lives, then who are we not to forgive ourselves when we mess up. We shouldn't seek forgiveness from other people, but we should be our own place of refuge when we mess up. Even when we did not do our best on a particular thing, we should be able to provide a safe haven for ourselves to hear instead pouring unnecessary blames and judgement.

It shouldn't be because of our mistakes we hurt ourselves, we don't have to make explanations for our shortcomings. Already we are trying out very best to do what we can, by if along the way we mess up, we should be reminded that we deserve forgiveness and compassion. It is important that we take some break and work on improving ourselves instead of always getting angry at the little mistakes we make. It may take years, days, and months for people to forgive us, but until then we should show same act to ourselves first. It should be like a responsibility, lets learn to love and accept who we are unconditionally.

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It gladdens my heart everyday that i was so lucky to be a part of this great community. I want to use this opportunity to say thank you for visiting Peju's Corner today. Your presence here means a lot to me. I feel so blessed and lucky to have you as my friend. Hope you visit again.

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Every one needs forgiveness, when ever they offends one another, and likewise the same thing to us as individual we need to practice forgiveness everytime we offend our selves, we can never grow beyond making some certain mistakes, as far as we keep growing as we learn, we must be ready to forgives and have compassion to our own selves.

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1 year ago

Without practice we can never we will never be able to forgive ourselves of our own shortcomings, and we may end up treating ourselves harshly. Self-forgiveness matters.

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