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There is this special kind of feeling of excitement you get whenever you've achieved something big, something you never thought will ever happen, joy overflows in you when you are at the peak of achieving that one thing you so dreamed of. For sure!! Your days of hard work is actually paying you. I just hope y'all have a taste of this kind of feeling just like i am having right now after dealing with fear of writing. Today i have my 7th article on the read.cash platform.

If you are too lazy or allow fear to take charge over you, then you will never be any where near the success point of your dreams. Your dream will never be out of reach, if you are focus, give the whole of yourself into those things you so much desire to get, you will be surprise at the things you will accomplish.

I was so nervous on the very first day i started writing here on read.cash platform, this made me to push myself in a manner that led me to see how loaded and strong i was more than my fears, and that i was competent enough of turning my dreams to reality.

Truely speaking i wasn't expecting anything big from my first article, i was so careless about it, but in the process of my writing i learned so much about myself, my expectations, and above all what it will cost me to see those expectations come true.

What you should know: [Using writing as
Key point]

If you don't write, no one will ever read your work.

You could be having this fear of writing about something you have no knowledge of and if you come up with a piece of article, people will never read. The few days i have spent here has taught me that even though i write an article on some random topic and Mr. A doesn't read it , there will always be Mr. B, C , or D to read it, just because they love and believe in what i am doing.

It just needs that boldness from you, put those creative ideas into writing. The only thing that seems like harm, but it is never harm people will do to you is ignoring your work. They won't read it, but never worry because this attitude from them can open you up to great opportunities you never expected.

Just follow the passion, even when it seems impossible

Sometimes things rarely go the way we had planned it. Personally i had to adapt to this fact, you should never lack this one ability 'adapting'. When i had the ideas of what to write by fear would8 give me the chance to pen it down, i became so worried and frustrated.

All i needed was someone to whisper to my ears that i can do it, as i was deeply caged by fear and negative thoughts. As i began to push myself to adapt to those unpleasant moments, i had no other choice than to deal with my fears, erase them off my mind, and hope that i will start writing successfully without fear of anything.

I adapted and here i am today, writing freely like a pro. Haha!

You should learned to adapt to odd happenings that shift us away from our original plans, far more better things are on the other side of wildest dreams.

Begin the journey of loving yourself

Begin this said journey by having the habit of writing the things you love about yourself. For somepeople, achieving this is quite difficult, but it will be so lovely if you are able to come up with that you so much love about yourself and surely this will ignite something in you to desire to go higher.

No matter how many people read your work, just continue and be who you are.

Even without having too many expectations, i still have this confident assurance that my writing skills will improve with time and more people will read my work. Seriously i wasn't expecting to have more than 5 views on my first article, but it suprised me that i had more than 5 views.

With time, i will put less attention on the number of people that reads my article and care more about the positive impact i will live in the lives of the few people that will have the chance to read my work. The only person you can ever be is you, so just be who you are, that is your power.

My ending thoughts

As the saying going " behind every successful figure is another figure behind it making it succeed." I wouldn't have gotten part of the inspiration i needed without read.cash and you as an individual, i am so grateful that i have you guys.

For everyone who spare their time to read few of my articles here and also learn something from it, i appreciate you. And my love extends to everyone who gave out their tips to support me.

Everyone of you inspires me get up everyday and think of what to write for the day and this is making me grow the more. For you reading this, you've made me feel special and loved already, i thank you from the depth of my heart. Cheers!!

I will submit finally by saying that things rarely work the way we plan it. Sometimes we wish for a quiet environment but the kids won't let us get it, we wish for speed and delay will set in, in all of this we should learn to adapt and follow the process slowly. We should always have this confident assurance that the hard work we have put in accomplishing our dreams will pay off no matter how things turn out to be. Spend more of your free time around people that will stand by you and make sure you succeed. People that will correct you on your mistakes and not mock or laugh at you.

Above all, have a dream, work towards achieving it, and finally when it reaches the point of manifestation, show it to the world and reflect on how far you have gone.

Thank you for reading!!

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