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Zuma is not necessarily an original game since it is based on Hexic and Tetris. What it has in common with the competition is its approach to gameplay. In Zuma, the player plays as a frog in the middle of various Aztec levels. The goal is simple: balls of different colours run along a track and reach a hole, which must be defended. As soon as the game starts, you will have to shoot the balls that appear in your mouth at the rows of balls that advance to the central hole. To eliminate a series of balls, there must be at least 3 of the same colour in a row. Of course, you can chain combos or even make a very long series to earn more points. In addition to the balls, you can use various items that will appear on the other balls when you shoot them: recoil of the balls, more precise shooting, slowed speed, an explosion. Everything is there to simplify your task. Using these bonuses is essential if you want to see the end of the game because Zuma is far from being an easy game.

In total, you will discover about fifty paintings spread over several levels. The first 6 levels are an appetizer while waiting to find levels 7, 8 and 9, which are pretty challenging! Fortunately, Zuma is very easy to handle and incredibly addictive. Lost? No problem, it's so much fun that you don't hesitate for a second to start a second game.

Technically, Zuma is quite well done, at least for an Arcade game. Inca music is very catchy and pushes us to go further and further, graphics are adorable, and the universe is endearing. No doubt, Zuma has a very particular charm. We regret that this game doesn't have a multiplayer mode, which is, without a doubt, its only big flaw.

Zuma is undoubtedly one of the best games on the Xbox Live Arcade, despite its relatively high price. Very easy to play, literally addictive and extremely fun.

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