Virtua Fighter 3tb Dreamcast (1999) // Game Review Rating: 8/10

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VF3 came to Dreamcast after nearly a year after the Japanese version was launched. Virtua Fighter 3 Team Battle may not be the greatest fighting game of all time, but it still rocks.

Let's start with the game options. VF3 features only Arcade Mode, Training Mode, Versus Mode and a few more. Sadly, Soul Calibur had much more options. There are thirteen characters. Of course, all the fighters from VF2 and two new fighters in the arcade version are available in this Dreamcast version. Don't forget Dural, the final character of all Virtua Fighter games.


VF3 isn't one of those games that anyone can win at by just bashing buttons. You have to know what button does what, and a couple of simple moves would help too. There are four main buttons used in VF3: punch, kick, guard, and escape. Unlike most other 3D fighters, you have a guard button instead of just pressing back. I prefer having the guard button because pushing back doesn't seem like it works properly. The escape button is also an excellent addition; it lets you side-step your opponent's attack and quickly make a move on them while they're facing the wrong way. Once you get used to the guard and escape buttons, then you should find yourself winning perfect rounds in no time. Overall, the control is extremely well done and gives the feeling of tightness and keeps the arcade feel.

Graphics & Sound

Now, let's talk about the graphics. Unlike games such as Tekken, Virtua Fighter 3's levels have some boundaries, so you can't just keep walking and never come to the end of the stage. VF3 also has uniquely designed levels that aren't simply flat like most 3D fighters; these levels have realistic terrain that raises mountains and steps to give it that 'no limits' feel. The textures used in the levels are excellent; there aren't just a few colours used repeatedly, and each level looks spectacular and different from the others.

There are also heaps of really cool effects like snow on one of the stages, leaves kicking up as you walk over them on Kage's stage and the floating boards bobbing up and down on Shun's water stage. They make the game that little more extraordinary and unique. The graphics are beautiful; only Soul Calibur can match VF3 in this area. VF3 is smooth, fast, detailed and all in high resolution.

The sound effects are very chunky; kicks and punches sound real neat when the volume is loud. The 'Round 1' speech also sounds nice. Background music is a little weird, and the character's music isn't better. Not to say it's terrible, it's just strange having a slower-paced style of music playing in the background. Overall, the sound experience should be a little better.


If you thought VF2 was terrific, your head would blow off when you play the Dreamcast version of VF3. VF3 can be lacking, especially when we think about Namco's awesome Soul Calibur, but you won't be disappointed. If you own already Soul Calibur, you should check out Virtua Fighter 3 Team Battle anyway. An excellent arcade conversion and a must for every fighting fans.

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