Uncharted 3 (2011) PlayStation 3 | Game Review

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3 years ago

What, you didn't think it'd be good? Naughty Dog has developed a game that is the greatest on the PS3 and one of the best in the last decade of gaming.

Uncharted 3 is a visual, technological, and narrative tour de force that takes an entire community's sky-high expectations and blasts them out the rear of a jumbo airplane, replacing them with more show-stopping moments than a dozen other games combined.

I didn't expect Uncharted 3 would be able to exceed our hopes in the manner that Among Thieves did, overshadowing its predecessor in every single regard – this is more of an extension and expansion of the Uncharted 2 formula. But in isolation, this is undoubtedly the better game. It edges out Uncharted 2 because, It looks better, plays better, offers more memorable moments and boasts a confidence in its storytelling unique in the medium.

Uncharted 3 tone is still very much 'death-defying one-liners'; things also seem graver and far more tense." It's also (unsurprisingly) stunning to look at, and this is a gorgeous game. But just how beautiful is hard to convey. Until the conclusion, there were moments where I couldn't believe how good the game looks. Plus, on more than a few occasions – again, even after hours of gameplay – I just stopped dead to take in what I was seeing.

The visual aspect is also down to more than just the sheer graphical oomph of the game. The camera work is most impressive, which gives an idea of a beautiful cinema version that's scarcely believable. There are countless moments where you'll assume you're watching a cut-scene – it looks so good that it has to be a cut-scene – only to realise you're actually in control suddenly.

Uncharted 3 plays well and looks impressive, and if you don't own this for the PS3 - what the hell is stopping you?

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