Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas (2006) Xbox 360 Game Review

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Following a long line of first-person shooter games mixing shooting phases and tactical phases, Ubisoft's title has chosen the Las Vegas field for its appearance on the Xbox 360.


After the start of a mission in Mexico serving as an opening to the game to explain the few subtleties, the title lays the foundations of the scenario and parachutes us into the heart of the city of vice: Las Vegas. A playground for many casino addicts, the famous town in the United States becomes our playground. Terrorists are everywhere, and crime has decided to take control of the place. With a well-researched storyline and real-time advice given by a teammate through the headset, Rainbow Six Vegas offers sustained action to keep the player going from start to finish.

Terrorists use the level design well to hide when bullets are fired and to ambush. Casinos and other palaces conceal countless accesses for the same room, and it is necessary to think before acting. In short, artificial intelligence, although imperfect, remains well made. A good point related to the realism of the game to prolong the adventure. Especially when you know that the checkpoints are well separated and it is not uncommon to have to redo a game because of slightly premature death.

Players will still be delighted to see that the phases of reflection are punctuated beautifully by stressful phases of pure action. Terrorists are everywhere, and it is sometimes necessary to clean up even before drawing up a plan. For the occasion, the arsenal of weapons is quite complete and the recoil of firearms well taken into account. The fastest way to reach a room located on an intermediate floor of the building is to abseil. Feet together, we swing and break the glass to enter the place to be cleaned. A bit like a Gears of War, the player can then take cover and can shoot blindly to try with luck to wound the enemy. In the end, the action is intense, the level design offers excellent possibilities, but the title is still quite repetitive: we hide, we shoot, and then we hide again.


The graphics are incredibly detailed and mostly interactive. The chandeliers are shattered, slot machines give back their change, and bullet holes are well managed. Ubisoft achieves an incredible tour de force by exploiting the capabilities of Xbox 360. The rendering is simply stunning, and the lighting effects are very well made although a little too flashy. Rainbow Six Vegas puts on a real visual delight that everyone will appreciate it.


As for the soundtrack, we are a little disappointed to hear often discreet music. However, this is quickly forgotten in the face of the intensity of a few pieces which take precedence over the action. The sound effects are of excellent quality and allow to bring a little more to the already deep immersion of the player. Without being a masterpiece, the soundtrack is still of good quality and appreciated by all to accompany a title that never ceases to surprise us.


Rainbow Six Vegas is a credit to the Xbox 360. The game includes a significant tactical part but unfortunately not sufficiently developed. Too bad especially that the scenario is present and exciting enough to keep the player in suspense from start to finish.

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