Sega Rally 2 (1999) Dreamcast | Game Review

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2 years ago

For the longest time, I couldn't find a simulation/arcade racing game that could keep my attention for more than a few days. I searched and searched through game magazines and stores and couldn't find any that got me hooked. Finally, one day in my local arcade, I came across Sega Rally 2. I spent tons of money cranking quarters like a broken change machine until I finally beat it. I waited and waited for a port of the game, and when it finally appeared on my Dreamcast, I locked my door and didn't walk out for a few months.

Although not the most amazing in the world, the graphics in this game can be pretty breathtaking at times. Now you've probably all heard about the problems with the frame rate, and let me tell you, it's not that bad. When playing, I can't find a time at all when the framerate detracts from actual gameplay. The game looks excellent when moving at 30 fps; it is utterly stunning with its smoothness and speed when driving at 60 fps. Also, I love the little details like being able to see your car get dirty and birds and people running off the track as you blow past them at 140 plus mph.

As far as gameplay goes, top-notch. This game will get you hooked and catch you like a bass. I find it very hard to get bored with this game because of all the different cars and variations of the tracks. The handling of the cars is superb and has no equal as far as rally games go. The power-sliding is accurate, and the steering on different surfaces is precisely how it should be. This will take forever and a day to beat with all the cars and get every track and vehicle.

Now about the sound. The cars sound great as you rev your engine, and I love how you can always tell what type of terrain you're on because of the different effects. It's great that you can hear the splashes in the water and the screeching of the tires on asphalt. The only major problem that I have with the sound is that your co-pilot is annoying.

If anyone out there is wondering about lastability, be patient, it's coming. Like I said before, this game will keep you playing it for a while with all the different cars and incredible difficulty; this is going to be spinnin' in your Dreamcast for a LONG time, guaranteed.

If you want to buy a racing game for your Dreamcast that will last you a long time and that is both challenging and fun at the same time - buy Sega Rally 2 Championship.

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