Rumble Roses XX (2006) Xbox 360 // Game Review Rating: 2/10

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After a colourful cinematic where you will discover the different protagonists of the game, the adventure begins. Everything starts with the creation of your character. You either select one of the many females available on the title screen or decide to create the character of your dreams, with a complete character editor, almost perverse. After this step, you access a new menu called "The locker room". This menu is the central point of the game. From there, you can fight enemies in various places (deserts, streets, skyscrapers), buy new clothes, take part in photoshoots or train.

Konami has clearly emphasized three central points of its title: wrestling, sensuality and the collection aspect. It is clear that with such characteristics, Rumble Roses XX would not go unnoticed in the crowd. And from this point of view, Konami has succeeded! Nevertheless, Rumble Roses XX is far from being the game we were expecting on Xbox 360.


Let's start with the fights. RRXX is a wrestling game, a pure wrestling game but with naked chicks instead of big American wrestlers. Here, everything is based on a sexy attitude. You'd almost think that Konami chose wrestling to put these young ladies in unbelievable positions. The fights follow one another and look the same: you have to hit your opponent, do some chops, make the super attack gauge go up and then do it to hold them down for three seconds. And the principle does not vary, whether you play in 1vs1 duel or in Free for All! Only the Street mode brings a slight change with fights with energy gauges to hit your opponent to put him down after x hits.

Each fight will bring you a certain amount of money and will increase your popularity. In this way, you will be able to buy new sexy outfits for your favourite ladies, buy new sexy poses or even new options, such as the camera, which will allow you to photograph these pretty ladies in tiny outfits. This is all the more distressing as Konami is betting everything or almost everything on the game's collector aspect, the goal being to get all the clothes for each girl in the game. The passionate will spend hours there, and others may well pass their way without hesitation!

Graphics & Sound

From a purely technical point of view, Konami has taken advantage of the Microsoft console capabilities, well, for some aspects. Thus, we can see that the girls are modelled to the limit of perfection, with very realistic clothes. The stadiums are enormous and very well designed. There is a natural underground atmosphere of an American-style show, like Rocky Balboa. Each of the fighters' entrance is synonymous with grandiloquence: special effects galore, background music that moves, thunderous atmosphere. You could believe it! On the negative side, we can mention the simply awful animations, almost like a broom to the backside (to be polite) and the management of collisions, which is unrealistic.

Finally, as far as the soundtrack is concerned, Konami has limited the damage. The sound effects are realistic, the voices of the characters fit well with the atmosphere, and the music accompanies your matches well - nothing mind-blowing, just enough to get you in the mood. Still, an atmosphere without content is not worth much!


Honestly, there is not much positive to take away from this Rumble Roses XX, a real mix of the wrestling game and scantily-clad females. Konami's game is disconcertingly flat, with boring gameplay and terrible collision management that buries the game among the worst titles on the Xbox 360.

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