Over G Fighters (2006) Xbox 360 // Game Review Rating: 4/10

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Taito was one of the most prominent players in the world of video games. But until now, they had just been content to offer us something new with some old stuff. But Taito tried to move up a gear with Over G Fighters, an aerial combat simulation on the Xbox 360.

Over G Fighters was announced as a worthy successor to Ace Combat. Taito did not miss his mark on this one. Yes, Over G Fighters is indeed a representative of the genre. But no need to tell you about the state of this disaster on the landing strip!


Over G Fighters is built around a few game modes. First of all, there is a semblance of a tutorial that overviews the game controls. No testing before you go into the adventure; you will be directly propelled on the ground and will have to fly on your own. Then comes the single-player mode that will offer you to participate in one of the scripted missions. The latter is combined with the challenge mode, which, as its name suggests, lets you take part in mini-missions that are quite similar to those in the single-player mode.

Let's go directly to the solo mode. Taito had announced to us that Over G Fighters is a simulation. Yes, but in the end, we end up with a simple arcade game, very unrealistic and poorly thought out. In addition to a terrible AI, with enemies who cannot touch you, you will have the pleasure to taste the joys of technical support. It's quite simple since almost all your actions are assisted. Everything is done automatically and without a hitch, from bomb drop to mission completion from engine launch to take off.

In short, what you have to do is limited to shooting, launching and flying. The icing on the cake: the game is suffering from a severe identity crisis. It's flat, gloomy, the scenario is uninteresting, and the gameplay is far from enjoyable. Were you looking for a simulation? Go ahead. Over G Fighters propels you into a slow and tedious arcade game. In such conditions, you'll wonder how you managed to last more than 15 minutes in front of this video-game failure. And the worst thing for those who the game would still tempt is that the solo adventure is completed in about 7 hours.

Graphics & Sound

Over G Fighters is an ugly game. To invest any time in this game with such a poor graphical representation would be a waste of time. The temptation could have been justified if the content had been worthy of the name. Everything or almost everything reminds us how well the current productions are made. Only the special effects do more or less well. The soundtrack is limited to a few ultra stereotypical voices and music as exciting as those found in the elevators of the big hotels.


While we were entitled to expect an excellent aerial combat simulation on Xbox 360, Taito offered us nothing. It's ugly, silly, short, uninteresting, and so repetitive that it's even more interesting to get bored. Over G Fighters is a game to avoid on Xbox 360.

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