Need for Speed Carbon (2006) Xbox 360 Game Review

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In Need for Speed Carbon, players will reconnect with the tuning and night racing aspect that had made the success of the two Underground episodes. Nevertheless, Electronic Arts still wanted to mark the event by adding a few notable new features.

You must first know that the scenario of Most Wanted plays the overtime since that of Carbon is its direct sequel. Pursued by a policeman eager to shut you down, you will land in Carbon Canyon, where each turn can cost a territory or a reputation. Trapped at the end of a road, you will be assisted by a gang who will ask you to win several races, in exchange for your freedom. Engaged with your team in a real war across the city, you will have to do everything to conquer Carbon and take the territories of your rivals. But beware, because the local police closely monitor illegal races. This is how Carbon's single-player mode begins. Accompanied by Emmanuelle Vaughier, Josie Maran's successor, and by several more or less experienced drivers, you will have to set out to conquer enemy territories. And to do so, you will participate in several races in each area that makes up the city of Carbon. Once the competitions are won, the land, the wealth and the glory are yours.


To help you with your task, teammates are very helpful in races, and they can help earn one or two place (s) in the leaderboard. They should be used sparingly, their efficiency is formidable but can sometimes backfire. Recruitment is done through the team management mode to analyze each candidate for the position of a teammate to choose their colleagues.

To hinder your progress and at the same time raise the tension a notch, many police patrols have been subtly dotted on the various arteries of Carbon Canyon. The slightest violation of the highway code will result in a long and terrible pursuit. To put an end to it, you will therefore have to put the turbo to slow your pursuers permanently. It should be noted in passing that the police are sometimes aggressive, just like the other drivers during races. Still, in the end, the artificial intelligence is not very advanced, and it is easy to get by without the slightest scratch. Despite increasing difficulty during the reconquest of the city, the confirmed player will win all his races with alarming ease. Need For Speed โ€‹โ€‹Carbon is no less repetitive and even boring at times.

During races, managing your teammates can be crucial. In a few seconds, you can gain or lose a place. Your tuned car is packed with physical and motor improvements, and it often has enough power to cross the finish line in the first. The tuning possibilities are not very extensive, but it is always better than nothing.


Everything has been polished so that the environment shines brilliantly. Still, the hazardous models and the few traces of aliasing have above all been erased by a massive vomiting blur which, after a few successive races, gives little nausea. Nothing too wrong, but it won't fool anyone. The textures are not very rich, and there is nothing transcendent in the Xbox 360, graphically speaking.


Carbon is based on a great storyline featuring an exciting Career mode, but unfortunately, way too short. The other game modes are exciting but don't add much to a plummeting lifespan. Finally, the Tuning mode has been improved, and the new racing car customization option is very successful.

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great to know that NFS carbon is mildly repetitive haha, ๐Ÿ˜€ but in a sense, a lot if not almost all games, have a certain repetitiveness to them.๐Ÿ”„

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