Marvel Ultimate Alliance (2006) Xbox 360 Game Review

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The world needs superheroes once again. After the attack on an airbase, the human government decides to bring together the greatest and most powerful heroes of the Earth to confront them with the forces of evil. This is how Spider-Man, the Fantastic 4, the X-Men, Ghostrider, Blade, Thor, Iron Man, Elektra and company all come together to face the enemy and form the ultimate alliance.

From then on the adventure begins in the skin of Spider-Man, accompanied by Wolverine, Captain America and Thor. They will have to go through the first level to eliminate a good twenty enemy soldiers and face two bosses. Once this intro is over, the story of MUA can finally begin.


Of course, it is possible to choose your team of superheroes, which always consists of four characters that you can lead by merely pressing the multidirectional cross. It's up to you to make the right choices to make your team the best there is! Since each character has its own qualities and faults, but also a particular type of combat and only superpowers, the combinations are multiple and allow to approach the missions in various ways. Suppose Wolverine is, for example, a strong melee character, Invisible Woman of the Fantastic Four. In that case, she is more of a fighter who will blast enemies from a distance with her superpowers. With such a vast array of superheroes, there's something for everyone, and in case you can't find the hero that's right for you, you can always try to unlock additional characters by advancing through the adventure. MUA has a real depth of play, with characters who can evolve according to your desires, lots of crazy mini-games and an incredibly charismatic universe.

In addition to the famous single-player mode, which can then be replayed in cooperative, MUA offers lots of unlockable bonuses, including additional characters, numerous artworks, comics, bonus missions and a whole lot of other more or less interesting things. And once is not customary, we must admit that the challenge is enjoyable given the variety of levels crossed and the many mini-games that dot the story. There is enough to spend long evenings on this more than surprising hack & slash!


From a technical point of view, Marvel Ultimate Alliance retains the achievements of X-Men Legends but improves them too little. We must admit that the English dialogue is excellent and go hand in hand with significant sound effects.


In terms of graphics, however, little or no change. The sets are generally very dark (especially at the beginning), and the characters seem to be modelled very rawly. Only the special effects have benefited from real artistic work. It is therefore challenging to remain objective in the face of this title which has real potential but which is marred by a relatively poor graphics implementation. Because with more refined graphics, Marvel Ultimate Alliance would undoubtedly have ranked among the best hack & slash released on the Xbox 360 which is a damn shame.


Marvel Ultimate Alliance offers a substantial single-player adventure which will unlock a relatively impressive number of bonuses. The only downside perhaps: graphics unfortunately unworthy of what the Xbox 360 was capable of. Nonetheless, this is an essential purchase for any self-respecting Marvel fan!

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