Lost Planet: Extreme Condition (2006) Xbox 360 Game Review

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After working for many months on a Halo-like game, Keiji Inafune decided to present a model of his Lost Planet project to Capcom. Unfortunately for him, this mix of genres did not appeal to the Japanese firm's managers, who preferred not to take too many risks with such an ambitious title. Sometimes provocative, sometimes desperate, Inafune decided to continue on his way and presented new plans to his bosses, who, once again, refused. Never mind, he continued his journey and improved the scenario to represent his project once again to its leaders. Amazed by his enthusiasm and stubbornness and his work, which was beginning to take shape, the firm's bosses soon realized that they were holding a small bomb in their hands, capable of exploding at any moment. Two years later, Lost Planet hits the shelves.


The Lost Planet screenplay puts us in the shoes of Wayne, a young NEVEC soldier wanting to follow in his father's footsteps. Planet EDN 3, on which humans have settled for several years, holds enormous potential, but unfortunately, is frozen and infested with voracious creatures called Akryds. These insects, as varied as they are variegated, contain a very powerful internal energy which could allow NEVEC to terraform the planet, and at the same time, to exterminate the Akryds and the terrible snow pirates.

The weapons at his disposal should allow him to take a very clear advantage over the giant arachnids. Starting with grenades, each one as effective as the next. Then come the traditional guns, with an assortment of shotguns, submachine guns, revolvers, rocket launchers. But in addition to a few minor species, the Akryds have some huge creatures among their ranks that will act as end-level bosses. In their face, such conventional weaponry is likely to do its job, which is why the NEVEC forces have created combat armor that allows for tremendous leaps and has a devastating arsenal. There is no doubt that the challenge immediately becomes much simpler.

The progression from level to level is done in a very simple way. Each level lasts for 15 to 30 minutes in easy mode, with enemies much more reactive in a higher difficulty mode. In total, this represents around 7 to 9 hours of play, depending on the selected difficulty mode - a fairly short lifespan for an action game. Nevertheless, Lost Planet is no less dazzling. Therefore, the adventure is divided into 13 chapters, solicited between them thanks to many cinematics extraordinarily well-staged and stunning realism. There is no doubt that ordinary gamers will feel very small in front of this juggernaut of the playful video universe!

But this is still nothing compared to the diverse universe of Lost Planet! The sets are already huge, beautiful, and titanic; it is nothing compared to the character design, absolutely prodigious (with one exception: Wayne's brother).


Besides these many qualities, Lost Planet benefits from fun gameplay, and the level design is perfectly suited. Keiji Inafune did not laugh at us, telling us that the atmosphere transcribed would be very close to Halo. Because if the universe of the game is radically different, the sensations it provides are identical. Fun, fun, and nothing but fun!

Lost Planet is all about the gigantism of action and mass destruction. In addition to dozens of giant arachnids, the player will have to face winged creatures, kinds of giant worms, and huge bumps against which it will be necessary to find a very particular technique to win. Each enemy has a weak point, represented on the screen by a yellowish-colored spot on its body. By shooting at that precise spot, you will take away his energy and kill him, after which he will transform into ice and explode into a spray of energy.

Your life bar is protected by a kind of shield, which allows you to regain energy at any time and automatically. It will be necessary to recover the slain creatures' energy to boost its bar and reach a certain safety threshold. Once this is zero, you will no longer have any recovery and therefore be at your opponents' mercy. This is why it is essential to collect as much energy as possible on the battlefield. In addition to this recovery function, energy is used to advance, and therefore to move more easily in the frozen world of Lost Planet. A double efficiency brings to the title of Capcom a real depth of play.

In terms of functionality, Wayne has a grappling hook that allows him to hoist himself wherever he wants. This one will also be regularly put to contribution during the solo adventure. Therefore, it is better to learn how to use it as quickly as possible; otherwise, the experience may seem a little difficult.

Graphics & Sound

From a purely technical point of view, Lost Planet is a pure marvel that once again demonstrates Capcom's know-how. Not only are the game environments vast and varied, but the cutscenes are fabulous, and the handling of special effects extraordinary. Difficult indeed to remain unmoved in the face of such splendor. Whether it is the titanic bumps that overwhelm you with their grandeur, the entire sections of the scenery that collapse during clashes, or the magnificent explosions that raise veritable sprays of snow, everything is fantastic. Lost Planet is one of those games that prove the Xbox 360 had enormous potential. And all this without the slightest slowing down!

Sound level, Capcom also plays in gigantism, with explosions to pierce your eardrums, music that goes hand in hand with the universe of the game, and English voices subtitled the most beautiful effect. Remarkable!


Capcom confirms its talent after a Dead Rising, already very impressive, by offering us a game with undeniable qualities, which uses the power of the Xbox 360. In short, a hit, a real one, and in one word: magic.

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