LEGO Star Wars II - The Original Trilogy (2006) Xbox 360 Game Review

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Traveller's Tale continues on this path by making us rediscover the first trilogy (Episode IV, V and VI) playfully and amusingly. Don't look for an ounce of seriousness in this game since it is above all a parody that accumulates clich├ęs about George Lucas' saga's different characters. Any self-respecting fan should therefore have this oh so enjoyable game at his disposal.

A total of 18 missions will be waiting for you, 6 per episode. Each mission lasts an average of 20 to 40 minutes and allows you to rediscover the saga's most mythical scenes. It's all there! Everything, without exception. From the Black Star's attack to the fierce fight on Endor, Luke's discovery of strength, the escape from Jabba's palace and even the terrible confrontation with Darth Vader. Fans will surely be thrilled to relive such an experience, with the added humour of the cut-scenes.

With a year of development, we wondered how Traveller's Tale would manage its time before releasing this sequel. And the proof is that the Lego Star Wars universe has improved a lot since its last appearance. The game is a little longer, more beautiful, more varied, and has many unlock bonuses. However, the game's core hasn't changed one bit, just as the gameplay hasn't changed much.


There are several gameplay phases in terms of gameplay, among which pure and hard action with a lightsaber or a blaster, shooting stages aboard the numerous vehicles in the saga, rather challenging puzzles, and numerous passages from platform to platform. A mix of genres brings quite a lot of diversity to the whole but still suffers from an evident lack of rhythm. The game's entire single-player mode is thus tainted by the cruel lack of vitality that the saga has suffered since the first episode. It's soft. So soft that one comes to think that the developers of Traveller's Tale are attached to the old gameplay. Unless this dubious gameplay is the direct cause of a deliberate desire to make the game accessible to the youngest among us, either way, this is without a doubt, the biggest flaw in this Lego Star Wars 2.

For the rest, we will regret the too many platform phases that break the rhythm of the missions and the dozens of small puzzles that are often far from being as simple as we could imagine. On the other hand, Lego Star Wars 2 has a very well-designed cooperative mode that will make you relive the adventure in a more elegant way for two players. Right away, it's more fun, more satisfied, but also messier. More than forty characters to unlock, about ten ships, missions to complete in time, and some bonus missions.

Graphics & Sound

As far as the game's aesthetics are concerned, we can't say that Lego Star Wars 2 is a technical revolution. Traveller's Tale perfectly masters the universe of George Lucas and manages to plunge us back into this trilogy thanks to a subtle mix of humour and missions as varied as they are numerous. It's beautiful, clean and neat.

On the soundtrack level, however, the mistake is unforgivable. The Traveller's Tale team did not put a single voice in its game for lack of means or conviction. Same thing with the music, as beautiful as ever, but which may end up getting everyone who has been playing it over and over again for more than twenty years now drunk. And it is all the more regrettable that the tracklist is limited to a few tracks.


Better than its predecessor on the original Xbox, Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy, the game is still fun and even more so when played cooperatively.

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