Kameo Elements of Power (2005) Xbox 360 Game Review

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Kameo, a young and magnificent Elven Princess, is endowed with powers to transform into various creatures: elemental spirits. She and her family live peacefully in the kingdom they rule, to the detriment of the Trolls who use only their physical strength to find a place in this world decidedly far too intellectual for their liking. Calm and sirene will then give way to hatred and resentment since Thorn, a Troll with a slightly more developed cerebral unit than his friends, will declare war on the Elves. As misfortune never comes alone, Kalus, Kameo's sister and far too jealous of the latter goes to lend a hand to the war chief Troll and kidnap her family and their powers. Kameo, the only survivor, has no choice but to pursue her sister before chaos descends on what was, until then, Elvish paradise.

It would be a shame to reveal more of the title's storyline as it only asks to be discovered and appreciated as the adventure progresses. Kameo: Elements of Power is therefore based on a storyline that could be described as basic with the simple and sole purpose of saving yours and your kingdom. Throughout the game, Kameo is already revealed as a family game, very endearing, and full of good values.


Just as Snow White had her seven dwarfs, Kameo has her ten creatures with elemental powers. These last having been stolen, it is necessary at all costs that the Princess recovers them before arriving at any conflict against the forces of evil. Therefore, under this scheme, the real adventure will begin and will be repeated throughout the game until the last levels. But what do these powers consist of? Talking about the gift of transformation would make more sense. You can transform yourself into different creatures, each responding to an element of life. As an elf, Kameo sees her fighting and progressing abilities quickly limited by her environment and then calls on these transformations.

The first observation that crosses the mind after a few hours of play is undoubtedly that of the tasks' similarity to be performed. Despite very diverse levels, both graphically and technically, we find ourselves carrying out the same things and types of actions in the long run. To say that Kameo: Elements of Power lacks originality would be detrimental to it, but the game struggled to create its own identity. It draws on many resources, drawing inspiration from great games, even movies without really plagiarizing them.

Creatures are the key to adventure. Combining their actions is essential to progress, and the gameplay then finds all its value. Each transformation of Kameo is done similarly, but once in the skin of a new creature, it's a new range of added moves and possibilities. The camera also gets finicky when forcing the player to reshuffle the right stick to fix this.

Kameo is finished in a short enough time for an action/adventure title and can be completed in no more than fifteen hours.


Kameo Elements of Power is one of those games where we were captivated by the beautifully colored aspect of the game and its finely crafted textures. Everything is done in total fluidity, even with an incredible number of elements displayed simultaneously on the screen. For example, the underwater areas provide immense pleasure to the point that we find ourselves swimming on and under the water to admire the sublime surface reflections. The characters show a great finish that allows them to display a good number of different facets, and the interpretation of feelings makes them very endearing. Nevertheless, we notice inequality in the textures' quality, which sometimes dirties the landscape and reminds us that we are in front of a video game.


The sound universe of the game also proves all its splendor. As for the music, grandiose is the word that qualifies it as it should. Powerful, serious, sensitive, light, funny, or even scary: all the music pieces are in perfect harmony with the rest of the game.


These elements mentioned above, such as the graphics' beauty and richness, the gameplay's effectiveness, an amazing soundtrack, Kameo: Elements of Power, will remain etched into our memories for years to come.

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